Thursday, 2 January 2014

Goals for 2014.

I am a natural worrier, but in 2014 it will not hold me back from having a really awesome year with some incredible people. I'm really quite excited for the weight of the potential that 2014 has. 

I have some plans already laid for 2014, I am going to New York at the start of February and I have a really awesome camera on route to my house at the moment so I can start making some more videos. I'm going to try and say 'yes' to more opportunities and try and remember how to enjoy life again. 

They are my goals, what are yours? 


  1. I'm a natural worrier too.. I hope this 2014 we can relax more and be happy with what we have :)

    Happy new year x

    Flo x

    1. I hope so, good luck with it chick! x

  2. I'm going to New york at the end of jan! So excited :P My goals also revolve around being less anxious ;) xx

  3. Happy New Year! Cannot wait to see pics from your forthcoming trip to NYC, how exciting that will be! My goals are to do more exercise, do more blogging and say no more (but only to things I don't want to do!) x


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