Sunday, 1 September 2013

Butter London Horse Power Nail Fertiliser | Review

Butter London Horsepower nail fertiliser

Butter London Horse Power Nail Fertiliser £17 for 17.5ml

I have heard that people either are blessed with good hair or good nails, but rarely both. I'm not sure if there is any science behind that, something to do with protein? I'm not sure. All I can say is that I have long thick hair and the worst nails to ever grace this planet. They have a poor case of the terminal splitting and peeling that means that they never longer than the length of the nail bed. I probably don't help the situation as I paint my nails constantly and hate having naked nails or just clear nail varnish so they never get a break to recover. 

Horse Power Nail Fertiliser by Butter London is a 3 Free product (Free from DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene) that is designed to strengthen nails and encourage growth. It has the herb horsetail in it which is rich in silica and nutrients to help deliver great results to match their claims. I have noticed that the horsetail gives it a slight herby smell that lingers until you remove the polish- I quite like the smell but some may find it off putting. To use, you simply brush one coat on daily to naked nails or under polish for 7 days and then remove the lot and start again. It is recommended that you do this for 4 weeks  and then give your nails a months break and then start again. 

I started this in April and found a mix of results. At first I really liked it and found my nails looked and felt stronger, however after about two weeks of using it I noticed that the nail fertiliser was peeling off my nails on a daily basis. I'm wary of nail varnish that does peel as it takes the top layers off your nail which will ultimately weaken them. So I put it to one side, until about a month ago. Recently to combat the peeling problem, I have been applying my CND base coat before starting and then have built the daily coat of horse power on top. This stopped peeling and the product was still working. My nails now look stronger and healthier and dont seem to be peeling or breaking quite as badly as before. For many, the results may not be outstanding, which is why I haven't posted photos of my nails. But for me it is a whole world of different nails and I am so happy with the results. 

The product may be quite expensive and I wouldn't say it is my favourite nail treatment but it is a good one and one that you should definitely consider if you are looking for one that is 3 free and therefore less harsh on your nails. 

I'd love to hear what your favourite nail treatment is!