Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January 2013.

January is always a bit of a rubbish month isn't it? Everyone is skint, it's always cold, it's always dark, christmas has gone. It's just not the most anticipated month in the calendar year.

For me, I've had a pretty exciting month. I started my new job, it's going well so far which is good. The people in my new office(s) seem nice and i'm slowly settling myself in to a new routine and learning the new processes in this department. On my first day, I managed to fall off my chair once and get lost once... not a bad start if I say so myself. Since then, I have managed to lock myself out of my office (forgot the door code d'oh!) and had to hang around in the corridor until an academic who knew the code happened to walk by. Since then it's gone a bit smoother and I haven't made myself look like a complete doughnut. Hopefully from here I can stop being a scatty uncoordinated muppet and become a sophisticated member of society... wishful thinking I know.

I also had a birthday! That was pretty fun, but i've already discussed that in a post a little further down. It already feels like forever ago when in reality it was only a couple of weeks ago. I keep forgetting that I am 22 and telling people I'm 21 and then remembering... and getting scared about being old.

I said that I would go to the gym in January... that isn't going too well, I've only been once. But it has been so cold and slippy, bed and biscuits have been more appealing. Hopefully the winter freeze will soon be over and I can really get into my happier healthier me that I really want to be. The cold and the dark has meant that I am really struggling to get out of bed in the morning, so the sooner spring hurries up the better.

I'm also really surprised and impressed with how well letsdrivefaraway is doing this year, you've all been wonderfully supportive and in January I somehow gained a whopping 50 new followers- so to everyone new who's decided to drive away with me, thank you. You've all put an untold amount of smiles onto my face, I can't wait to see what happens next!

How was your January?

Monday, 28 January 2013

ghd paddle brush review.

ghd Paddle Brush- £17.00

From the bottom picture you can see that my old paddle brush had well and truely died. It was a much loved brush and I used it constantly since I bought it, aged 14. However, it wasn't looking any less manky after it had a wash and alot of the plastic bristles had  fallen out. Time for a replacement.

Ghd are a brand that I put complete faith in, their straighteners are incredible as is my recent aquirement of the ghd air (review to come, promise!). So in my quest for a new brush I felt it appropriate to give one a whirl.

Firstly, the packaging is just beautiul, I really felt like I was getting something high quality when I unwrapped it which added to the experience. The brush itself is made of hard plastic with a rubbery finish, perfect for stopping it slip out of your hand mid blowdry. The brush head has along of bounce to it which reduces pain when brushing through knots as the bristles are more flexible. What really impressed me is the size of the head, compared to my old brush, there is definitely a lot more surface area. As I have long, thick, hair it just makes brushing it through a little easier.

£17.00 is also a really good price in my opinion, brushes can last a really long time if you look after them well and give them a wash regularly, my old brush lasted nearly 6 years which goes to show the pay off that you can get from them. I will definitely be looking after this brush so it really is an investment. 

I am tempted to invest in a rounded brush from ghd after realising what good quality they are. Are you tempted?

Friday, 25 January 2013

Now all I have is just a microphone.

Top- New Look
Disco Pants- Missguided
Hair- My own.

So I haven't done an outfit post since August. I used to really enjoy choosing what to wear, taking the photographs and editing the posts but then I completely lost my mojo with them. I found that with the lack of light in the autumn, I didn't have a good time to take them. Also, in my house every wall is covered with art work or little ornaments and there isn't just a blank wall that I can stand against. So I just... stopped taking them and then started feeling too self concious to take them. I've definitely put on a bit of weight since the summer and I don't think that I look as good as I did then.  This is basically a plea to be kind to me as I take my cautious steps back into the world of 'fashion' posts.

I wore this for a lazy day at home. I love disco pants they really pull my thighs into place and make me feel quite confident. I think I might get a grey pair to go with them, i'm not brave enough for the bright colours! What do you think to disco pants? How do you like to style them?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

NARS Pleasures of Paris eyeshadow palette.

NARS Pleasures of Paris- £39.50.

I bought this palette at the end of November after a particularly shocking working week. I always fall for the makeup trap when I'lm feeling particularly poop, I don't know why shopping makes me feel so much happier, it's almost like I have some form of problem (insert concern here).... Anyway, so I was perusing the NARS webiste. NARS are one of my favourite ever, ever, brands- they're quite expensive but everything I have tried from them has just massively hit the spot. As is was such a rubbish week, I really felt that NARS was the only company who could ease my pain. With a little help from the absolutely gorgeous Clara from Countess Du Blush (such an enabler) I decided on the Pleasures of Paris eye shadow palette and voila, here we are.

Back story over with, lets get down to business. Pleasures of Paris has 6 beautiful shades in it.

Top Row: Nepal, Violetta, Demon Lover. 
Bottom Row: Fez, Abyssinia, Cordura.

Nepal and Fez are shimmery warm and with a lovely golden tone, they work brilliantly together.
Abyssinia is a brilliant highlighter that is versatile and works beautifully with all the other shades. 
Violetta and Demon Lover are matte shades. Violetta looks quite neutral on the skin making a great base whilst Demon Lover is rich and intense and helps create an interesting smokey eye. 
Cordura is a charcoal grey with gold shimmer in, I use this as a liner mainly but it would work to create a dramatic look. 
 All of the shades are intense, they last all day without a primer and they don't smudge. 

I love the versatility of this palette, it is neutral enough to be a daily palette whilst still be interesting. As much as I love the Urban Decay Naked palette, I do get bored of browns and this is when the Pleasures of Paris palette really comes into its own. It is interesting without being too out there making it perfect for work and play. 

Well done NARS, once again you've impressed me. I love you. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A happy belated birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me 
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday poppy 
Happy birthday to me.

It it was my 22nd birthday on friday, like the rest of the south west we had a moderate three or four inches of snow which made for a memorable day. But it completely changed my plans for the day and it was a bit of an odd one. 
 I started the day by opening a few presents with my mum and my step dad, they were very kind and brought me the beautiful satchel from the cambridge satchel company pictured above (I'll do a post on it seperately, it is the most gorgeous thing). I then went into work, despite the snow and the bad conditions and the sort of... excuse for not going in, I was good and went anyway. I then went home a couple of hours later. Me and my sister work for the same company so we took ourselves off for lunch then went home for a while. 
After this, my sister very bravely drove us over to my dads house which is about ten miles away (but felt like a hundred in the snow). This was followed by a nice walk over to my dads for more present opening- he very kindly brought me the GHD air pictured above, again full review to come. Due to the bad weather, we just ordered in Dominoes and had a chilled evening.
 Maybe once the snow clears I'll get to do some proper celebrating but i'm very grateful to the effort everyone went to in the lousy weather and thank you to the kind folk that left me messages on twitter/facebook/instagram :)

I can't believe i'm 22, it feels so old. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

my thoughts...

All Images via Tumblr.
Tranistions and change 
new begininings and fresh starts
Comfort of a warm jumper
Adventure with friends 
Planning for Paris with my best matey
Trying to be healthy, failing miserably.
Preparing to move out of home.
I want it to be summer whilst we are still stuck in winter
Birthday on friday 
Essay due on thursday 

As always I am busy and tired, some things just never change. Good job I enjoy this.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Illamasqua- Freak Eau De Parfum.

Welcome to the first perfume post that I have ever written, I hope that my friend Nat is proud of me as it was her who convinced me to buy this, all the way back in November. Now, you might be wondering why it has taken me so long to write up this post (well i'm sure that you aren't thinking that but i'll tell you anyway!), it is because I really never bother with perfume. I usually end up at my destination of choice and only then go 'oh yeah, I forgot perfume...' it just isn't an essential to me.

I decided to go for Freak by Illamasqua after sampling it once and not being able to stop thinking about it for a solid two months. By that point I figured that I probably should just buy it and stop being such a er.. freak. So I parted with some cash and the ambition to wear it daily and then... I completely forgot about it. There's something not quite right there. However, when I have managed to put it on, I haven't been able to stop sniffing myself, it's the most curious heavy scent i've ever smelled in my life.

Illamasqua describe it as "a concoction of dangerously exotic unconventional flowers that Illamasqua has unashamedly blended together to celebrate the night." That is Illamasqua all over: unconventional and unshameful. They are a brand that appeal to the drama queen in all of us, they play with our senses and our emotions to create dramatic looks that are true to their inspirations, from 1920s to the alternative scene. If Freak wasn't something completely different, weird yet incredible, then I would have been dissapointed.

I won't bother to explain what makes the scent what it is, I'm not a perfume buff and it would be a case of googling it and reproducing it- something which just doesn't seem worth it. If you are massively into ingredients and such then I urge you to look it up as I have it on good assurance that it is a massively interesting blend. I will tell you though that it is heavy, it is different, it is dark and it is strange. I think it's a bit of a Marmite scent, as it is so distinctive I could see people hating it- personally I adore it.

Leave your florals at the door and pick up Freak. For 30ml it costs £34.00, for 75ml it is £59.00 and you can buy from the Illamasqua website.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

MAC Russian Red Lipglass.

A staple product, the MAC Russian Red lipstick has adorned my drawer for about 4 years. Recently though i've found myself more drawn to pinks or corals and away from the bold look that a red lip delivers. Making my russian red lipstick lonely and forgotten about. I recently had to throw it away as I noticed that it was looking a bit dry and a bit past it's time, it had shrivelled and died and it would not see another night out. So whilst mourning the loss of a once loved lipstick, I found myself on the Debenhams website perusing the MAC sale. I thought about rebuying the lipstick, but afraid that it would remain unused for years again, I decided to go for the Russian Red Lipglass.

Lipglass is a brilliant product from MAC. They are highly pigmented, so they retain their colour rather than going opaque as soon as they are applied. They aren't particularly sticky which means that they don't attract your hair on a windy day and they rarely slide out of place- pretty much all the qualities that I hate in a regular lipgloss are rectified with this product. Russian Red is no different, it is an instant shock of colour that captures your attention, you don't need to worry about it transferring on to teeth or you know... across your face because it just stays in place. Being a gloss, your lips look healthy, shiney and nourised and you do not end up with dry patches of colour after a few hours.

So do I prefer the Russian Red lipstick or lipglass? at the moment, I'm very glad that I decided to go for the lipglass. I think that red is quite a daring colour to pull off and a gloss is a nice bridge into being confident for the full blown colour. You can build the colour up slowly, by just dabbing it on to your lips rather than go for the full slick which makes it more versatile for a daily basis and I love having shiney lips. It has made me alot more confident to go back to the lipstick and I think that I will have to put it on my to buy list, along with the cherry lipliner because I am still a little worried about it bleeding onto my skin!

I think that I will be rocking a red lip for the rest of winter, what is your current favourite lip colour?

I bought my lipglass for £12.15 from Debenhams (sale price- no longer in sale). You can buy them from the M.A.C website at the regular price of £13.50.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

your unforgettable moments.

My pandora bracelet never leaves my wrist, I feel naked without it and spend most of my time twirling the charms in between the different sections and playing with the beads. It is sort of a comfort and a point of beauty all in one.

For christmas this year, both my Mum and my Sister bought me new charms, charms that really represent my personality. My Mum bought me the owl, they're my favourite animal and my room is full of them. My Sister bought me the dress, being into fashion it is a representation of everything that I love. I bought myself the little bus back in October, Britain had a brilliant 2012 with the Olympics and the Jubilee, I had a crap 2012. I wanted something that would remember the year that we had as a nation- a time when we were so proud to be British.

I want my bracelet to show who I am, not something that just looks beautiful on my wrist. It shows who I am, who I have been and who I will be in the future and I simply adore it.

Pandora is sold in jewellers, department stores and their own stores up and down the country, and indeed across the world. To find your nearest store or to peruse the catalouge, visit the Pandora Website.