Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May 2013 Magazine Freebies

This month I have been really excited by the freebies in magazines, so just wanted to share them with you so that you can go and pick them up too! 

Harpers Bazaar- REN Morrocan Rose Body Cream 
This is probably my favourite as I love REN and find they are one of the few brands that make body cream that doesn't irritate my skin. It smells delicious and sinks in really quickly 
Cost of Magazine: £4.20
RRP cost of product: £26.00 for 200ml = £6.50 
Saving: £2.30 

Elle - Benefit They're Real! 
I will review this properly, I must admit that I don't actually love this mascara. However I have wanted to sample this for the longest time but didn't want to pay the full price. 
Cost of Magazine: £4.00
RRP cost of product: £19.50 for full size = £9.75
Saving: £5.75

Instyle- Nails Inc Nail Varnish
This is available in three shades and is a full size product. Nails Inc are one of my favourite nail brands so I always get excited when they are in a magazine. The shades available are exclusive to Instyle.
Cost of Magazine: £3.80
RRP of product: £11.00
Saving: £7.20 

Total spend of magazines: £12.00 
Total saving on products: £15.48 

Are you going to go and buy any of these magazines? 


  1. Some great freebies this month! Wow, I never realised what a big saving it is :) xx
    Vicki x


  2. Wish they had these deals in Australia!! We never have magazine freebies! It's a shame about the benefit mascara.

    Another Fashion Journal

  3. Ah great idea to do the savings, I feel a lot better now haha. I love the peach Nails Inc shade that came with Instyle xx

  4. I love how many little freebies we've been getting in magazines lately! I got the peach and pink polishes by Nails Inc from InStyle and also the mascara, but I gave that to my Mom. I can't wear mascara and glasses. :(

    They're larvely! :D


  5. You always seem to get decent freebies in magazines as summer approaches! I don't usually get any of these magazines, but I might get these ones purely for those products!


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