Monday, 8 April 2013

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish- unpopular (negative) review.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I received Cleanse and Polish by Liz Earle as a christmas present from my Mum, after banging on about how great it was and how much everyone loves it. I really expected to love it too and was quite excited to put my new expensive looking bottle on the counter with a brand new muslin cloth, ready for a new cleansing experience. 

But unfortunately I just did not love it. I tried to get on with it for about 2 months before admitting defeat and giving up on it. 
I know it is a bit of a cult classic and actually finding a review that is negative about Cleanse and Polish isn't the easiest. So I apologise now for the fact that I am going to moan about a product everyone else loves. So why didn't I get on with it? 

The smell isn't particularly offensive but I just did not like it, this definitely dulled the experience of using the product as I do find that I am sensitive to scent. 

Ah, this is a more real reason. I found that several blemishes started to appear in the weeks after using this product. I thought that it might be just a deeper clean was getting all the dirt out of my skin and causing the 'worse before better' affect. However, they only continued to get worse not better & after about six weeks my skin was completely saturated with under the skin blemishes and more painfully obvious ones. 

Dry Patches
In addition I also found that I my cheekbones were covered in dry skin and I was getting some concentrated dry patches randomly on my face. I'm assuming that this is down to an oil in the product that my skin just doesn't like. This was probably my biggest issue with Cleanse and Polish. 

The product really did change the composition of my skin, my T-Zone became a pure oil slick and I was having to blot and powder during work which I never have to do. I am usually on the dry end of the spectrum so I found the oil over load a problem & my moisturiser was too heavy on these areas. 

So there you have it. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and my skin are just not friends and that makes me really sad. I hate it when something that works so well for so many doesn't work for me- I always feel left out and lonely. There were factors to the product that I really loved. I found that the product was really easy to use, removed all of my makeup, felt nourishing to use and didn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight afterwards. 

I have replace it with an Nspa* hot cloth cleanser which I'm hoping will get on with my skin better as it contains different oils. 

So i'm not completely slating it, all i'm saying is that if you are thinking of using this oil, see if you can just get a sample or a sample set before hand to check that it works on your skin. 

Also, just as a small disclaimer- I did use this product long enough to give it a chance and it definitely just doesn't work for me. I also considered that the problems could be a cause of another product in my skin care regime, however whenever I stopped using cleanse and polish I noticed the texture of my skin improving. I did not find that stopping using other products had the same effect.


  1. I didn't get on with this product either and had a moan about it on my blog too, lol - it's a shame though, was really disappointed that something which everyone loved decided not to work out for me, bit of a bummer!

    1. aha did you, I must have missed that post :) I know, such a let down! but I guess thats what we get when we listen to the hype x

  2. I've tried this in the past (before all the hype started my mum somehow discovered it!), I didn't hate it but I really didn't see what all of the fuss was about. I actually quite liked the smell- think it reminded me of being in a steam room which I find quite relaxing! Other than that though, it didn't exactly blow me away or do anything special for my skin.
    Kaz x

    1. aha my mum used it years ago too, maybe it was popular amongst their age group before it got used by younger people? It isnt the worst smell in the world but I definitely wouldn't choose it- it' just not for me x

  3. I've have this and I'm currently trying to use it up so I can try something else. I have to say that whilst I don't dislike it, I cannot rave about it either. It hasn't done anything terrible to my skin, then again it hasn't improved it in any way either.

    I do love the smell though :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. let me know what you choose to replace it :) it's definitely too expensive to just be a 'bla' product isn't it, unless you are notice it improving your skin it isn't worth it. xx

  4. You must be sensitive to some of the essential oils in it. I know that some people have had some problems with this because of the eucalyptus. Although I did like this, to be honest I always seem to hate the most hyped-up products - they just never work for me, and I always end up angry for having forked out on them!
    Hope you're well lovely, and thanks so much for your comment on my loneliness post - much appreciated, and very much looking forward to having a bit of a meet-up later in the year :)
    Mel xx

    1. oh okay, i'm so rubbish with oils that I never know which ones are good/bad for my skin. I could definitely do with a crash course in skin care because I feel like i'm fighting a losing battle at the moment.
      No worries Mel, my heart went out to you as I know that feeling all too well (although never to the extent you have had it) and I think it's important that you know that you aren't along :) xx

  5. You can't win 'em all I guess! That's the thing about hyped up products, sometimes they just don't live up to the hype. I have to say I love this product but I can totally understand that 'one size doesn't fit all'. I am like you, if a product doesn't have that 'smell factor' it is a totally put off.

    1. very true, this was one that I really wish had worked for me though!! thats why I think negative reviews are important, it helps people to be aware that nothing is perfect :) xxx

  6. Oh no it's such a shame it made your skin worse!ive only ever heard rave reviews of this product! Different things for different people I guess.looking forward to seeing how you get on with the nspa one :) xxx


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