Sunday, 28 April 2013

Brush Collection- April 2013

Today I thought I would give you a quick tour around my brushes. I thought that this would be interesting as I always love a post where I can have a nosey and I think that it is always interesting to see which brushes people use together to create their every day look. There's a few that I don't use very often but most of these get used on a nearly daily basis. Firstly lets discuss storage. I use mugs as they're so easy to pick up and also to wash out. My main brushes live in a mug from the Hon Cafe in Baltimore MD, they're a great cafe- like something out of hairspray and they have a great story and serve delicious food, I miss that place. My eye brushes live in an old glass yogurt pot, but I want another little mug for them and my smaller brushes live in an I heart New York espresso mug. 

For your reading pleasure, I'll make sure that my favourites are formatted in this way.
L-R: Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush, Contour Brush all from the Real Techniques Core Collection. 

Foundation Brush- I mainly use this to blend in powder highlighter or to blend concealer, not my favourite for either though so it isn't often used.
Buffing Brush- This is the only brush I use for foundation. It creates a perfect finish and is so soft, this is definitely a holy grail brush for me. 
Contour Brush- I haven't found a main purpose for this brush, I use it for cream or liquid highlighter or as a blush brush if I want to create an intense flush. 

L-R Illamasqua Blush Up Brush, MAC 168 Large Contour Brush.

Blush Up Brush- I couldn't get on with this brush for ages, it's designed to apply blusher in an upwards motion to help define the contour. However, it does take effort to master the technique and I kept being too heavy handed and ending up with a solid line. I've adapted it now but still reserve it for days when I want an intense colour on my cheeks. 
Large Contour Brush- I only use this for bronzer, it is perfect for getting in under the cheek bone and is exactly the right density to create a nice glow and so soft, I am considering buying another to use with blusher. 
L-R Blusher Brush, Powder Brush, Stippling Brush- all Real Techniques

Blusher Brush- What I like about this brush is the angle the bristles are cut at, it means that it can be used to apply blushers as both a contour or a blended flush. I generally use this to wash on a sheer coat of NARS Orgasm. 
Powder Brush-  I use this brush with my Illamasqua translucent finishing powder as it such a fine powder that this lovely soft brush works really well with it. 
Stippling Brush- I used to use this for foundation until I found the buffing brush, recently I have been using it for blusher and I absolutely adore it with MACs Cream Soda blush. 
L-R Illamasqua blending brush 4 , Bare Minerals Doubled ended brush powder and eye. 

Blending Brush- I use this brush for a whole multi purpose of things. Sometimes it comes it handy for foundation, other times I use it to blend in a neutral eye, but mostly I use it with powder highlighter. 
Double Ended Brush- Slightly cringe name, but I didn't know what else to call it. I LOVE this brush. I mainly use it with setting powder, specifically the bare minerals mineral veil, as I buff it all over with the large fluffy side and then use the eye end to pat setting powder on concealer. But it also get chucked in my bag to be used with blusher, bronzer etc most days. 
L-R Eye Shadow, Blusher, Powder- All from Bare Minerals Mini Masters set 

All Three of these are lovely and soft, they normally live in my bag as little travel brushes. The stand out one to me is the powder brush as it is so dense. 
L-R Deluxe Crease Brush, Shading Brush, Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush, Base Shadow Brush

These are the brushes for my eyes that I tend to reach for. I start off by applying the base neutral colour with the Deluxe Crease Brush Then I fill in the outer crease with the Base Shadow Brush, then blend in the accent colour (usually copper or grey) with the Shading Brush (which I also use for cream shadows) and finish liner with the Pixel Point Liner Brush. They are all incredibly soft and create a lovely soft focus effect to my every day eye makeup. 
L-R Naked 2 Brush, Blending Brush both Urban Decay. 

Naked 2 Brush- I will definitely be taking this on holiday as I tend to use this to do a quick natural eye. I particularly like the really soft side to it, I always use this when the line looks too harsh. 
Blending Brush- I use this to apply highlighter to the inner crease as it is just the right size for my eye. 

L-R Benefit Hard Angle Brush, Real Techniques detailer brush and brow brush 

My Brows get drawn on every single day, I always use these brushes with the Benefit BrowZings kit. I start by applying the powder with the Detailer Brush Then use the hard angle brush to apply the wax. Then I use the Brow Brush to go over them again with a mixture of powder and wax which ensures they last all day. I always comb them out with a brow comb as well so that they don't look too 'scouse brow'. 
L-R Eco Tools Hard Angle Brush, Ruby and Millie Shadow Brush, Real Techniques Accent Brush. 

Okay so these are my three least used brushes, but that isn't because I don't like them. 

Hard Angle Brush (2)- I use this one when I am using a powder liner which is rare, however I don't want to use it for anything else as I like the precision angle that it currently has. 
Shadow Brush- This is the first brush that I ever bought and the bristles are quite spikey now, I just can't bear to throw it away as it was the first- it's nearly 7 years old. It doesn't get used, but it still gets a regular clean. 
Accent Brush- I use this when I am doing a proper smokey eye and I use it to get defined highlighted areas, but I generally stick to a neutral eye so find the intense highlight a bit too much. 

And that is my brush collection, I want a new blusher brush as i'm not completely happy with any of the ones that I have so if you have any recommendations let me know. 


  1. Love your collection! I adore MAC's 168 and RT Buffing brush! I use them everytime I do my makeup x

  2. Im obsessed with the buffing brush as well :)

    1. I think most people who have tried it love it, it's such a brilliant brush :) x

  3. You have lovely brushes! my favorites are mac 217 and RT blush brush :)


    1. The 217 is on my to buy list, I'm on a ban now but I will buy it when i'm done :) x

  4. Great collection, I have some of the real techniques I love them :)

    1. They're such great brushes aren't they, and so cheap! x

  5. I really need to buy more Real Techniques brushes! They are so nice and extremely reasonably priced!

    1. I literally want the whole collection haha x

  6. I'm intrigued - what made you switch from the stippling brush to the buffing brush for foundation? I spent ages weighing up which one to get as I did ask for the Core Collection for Christmas but got an Eco Tools set instead, which is really nice - just missing a good brush for applying liquid foundation. I eventually settled on the stippling brush, but still waiting for it to arrive.
    Mel xx

    1. ohh, that is such a good question mel! I don't have a massive real reason for switching, they're both really good brushes and definitely my top two for foundation! I used the stippling brush for about 9 months non stop for foundation and enjoyed using the buffing brush for cream foundation... but then I wanted a stippling brush for cream blush instead and figured that I may as well just switch what I use the brushes for :) You'll love the stippling brush, it's so good to work with xx


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