Tuesday, 5 February 2013

NARS Outlaw Blush Review.

Recently, I have been reaching for Outlaw every day. Normally Orgasm is my staple NARS blush (a sort of review here) but being the winter months, I have just wanted something deeper and warmer. Outlaw was added into the autumn collection in 2012, however I believe that a slightly different variation has been on the market previously.

As NARS cheek products always are, this is a highly pigmented shimmery shade. In many ways it reminds my of a more intense orgasm (insert joke about intense orgasms being the best here), as it has the same gold shimmer running through it, but Outlaw is more of a cherry toned where Orgasm is peach. Outlaw also works really well with Laguna Bronzer (review here) to create a warm look or worn on its own for that snow white effect. I tend to apply this product using the real techniques blush brush and can be built from a subtle glow to a full flush.

This one probably works best on pale skin, but i'm bound to say that: i'm really pale. let me know if you use Outlaw on a darker skin tone.

I was fortunate enough to be bought this by my lovely Dad and Stepmum last summer in their final trip to Sephora before they moved back home from America. You can pick it up for £21 from the NARS website.

*apologies if you were quick fingered and saw this post go up in Jan. I didn't intend for it to be published as I hadn't finished writing the post. Lesson learnt, always check that the schedule is set!


  1. Such a beautiful blusher! It looks fabulous on you! Love how bright it is, it's gorgeous!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. thank you lovely that's really kind :) it is nice and bright but also really wearable :) x

  2. You really suit this colour! Great post :)

    Following you now!

    Maisy xx


    1. thank you Maisy and thank you for following :):) x


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