Friday, 4 January 2013

Recent Empties.

Recently I seem to have used up loads of products that I really like that I think you should all try as well. so starting from the top: 

Max Factor nail polish in Fantasy Fire.
What a beautiful shade. I think this has made it onto every blog in 2012, it is iridescent, shimmery and subtle. It glimmers blue, red and purple all at the same time. Under indoor lighting the red shines through and in natural light the blue takes its moment in the spotlight. I never get bored of looking at Fantasy Fire, it is without a doubt my favourite shade and my most worn shade. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the bottle is too damn small and I tend to use three coats which means it is generally gone is a couple of months. 
Fantasy Fire costs £3.99 and can be bought from the boots website.

Bare Minerals- Mineral Veil.
My best friend bought her pot of mineral veil to Reading Festival and I fell in love with it. I went out and purchased a mini one a few days later and the 1.5g pot lasted about 2 months. I've now replaced it with a full sized pot and will review it on here for you. 
Mineral Veil costs £20 and can be bought here.

Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara.
This is definitely my favourite mascara, it curls, lengthens and adds volume. It lasts all day and it doesn't clump eyelashes together. One tube lasted about 5 months which seemed a bit rediculous to me, normally I go through a bottle every six weeks. I don't think it is my holy grail of all mascaras, but it definitel is my current go to mascara. I already have another one sitting in my drawer ready to be used. 
Supercurl costs £15 and can be bought here.
Anatomicals body scrub. 
Being of the dry skin variety, My skin needs a good scrub to stop it looking grey and dull. This little tube I got in Octobers Glossy Box and I absolutely fell in love with it- it buffs, shines and adds clarity to skin that needs a little coaxing along and it smells absolutely delicious!
Anatomicals is a very healthy £3.60 and can be bought from the asos website 
Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover.
It says it removes nail polish in one second, it doesn't. This is just a marketing trick. It does, however, remove nail polish in about 20 seconds and it is definitely alot quicker than your average remover. I also love that I don't have to faff around with cotton wool to use it- just dont use it to remove glitter polish, it destroys the inside of the pot. I loved it so much that I have already repurchased.
The remover costs £4.99 and can be bought from boots.
Bare Minerals Brightening Prime Time.
I have such a love/hate relationship with this product that I don't really know where to begin. It works, don't get me wrong. your makeup will stay on for ages and looked perfect. But I HATED the feel of it. The feel of it being rubbed into my skin, the feeling of it sitting on top of my pores, it felt claustrophobic and I just hated using it. The pump didn't work properly, it didnt dispense easily and it was just a complete pain. I won't rebuy despite the fact it did look good, there are better primers out there. 
If this does appeal to you, it costs £19 and you can get it from the bare minerals website.
YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation.
I adore this foundation, it is so light on your skin and builds up to a nice medium coverage whilst making you look radiant and awake. It is just a complete treat and you'd be mad to not at least go and get a sample of it. One bottle lasted about 10 weeks which is really quick for me to go through foundation, however I love it so much that I am already on to a new bottle. 
This costs £28 and can bought directly from the YSL beauty website.
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. 
 My hair has been massively overworked in the last few months and I think the only reason that it hasn't all fallen out is thanks to this little beauty, it restores health, strength, shine and moisture to damaged hair. I know some people use this only when their hair is in poor condition, but I like to use it as part of my regular hair care routine, using it every other wash and it definitely has improved the condition of my hair. I also get so many compliments on the smell of my hair after using it that it makes it an all around compliment boost. 
3 minute miracle costs £4.99 can be bought from boots.

Phew, thats all of them! 

Tell me what you already think of these products, is there anything that you are going to run out and try? 



  1. I'm addicted to reading Aussie reviews at the minute, I've recently had great results from the Anti-Frizz Conditioning Milk - may have to head back to Boots for this while the 3 for £10 offer is on! (Aussie review posted)

    1. the conditioning milk didn't do much for my hair the unruley mess that it is! But i'm glad that it worked for you :) x

  2. I have the Bourjois magic remover! It is pretty nifty. Also Aussie shampoo/conditioner smells so incredible, the best haircare smell EVER.

    The Style Rawr!

    P.S I solemnly promise to wear those boots for the both of us! ;)

    1. haha, thanks Tara ;) I can sleep easier knowing that someone is wearing those beauts for me xxx

  3. Aussie do the nicest hair products ever! And I love the dark purple nail polish :)

    1. you should definitely try fantasy fire, it is beaut! x


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