Monday, 28 January 2013

ghd paddle brush review.

ghd Paddle Brush- £17.00

From the bottom picture you can see that my old paddle brush had well and truely died. It was a much loved brush and I used it constantly since I bought it, aged 14. However, it wasn't looking any less manky after it had a wash and alot of the plastic bristles had  fallen out. Time for a replacement.

Ghd are a brand that I put complete faith in, their straighteners are incredible as is my recent aquirement of the ghd air (review to come, promise!). So in my quest for a new brush I felt it appropriate to give one a whirl.

Firstly, the packaging is just beautiul, I really felt like I was getting something high quality when I unwrapped it which added to the experience. The brush itself is made of hard plastic with a rubbery finish, perfect for stopping it slip out of your hand mid blowdry. The brush head has along of bounce to it which reduces pain when brushing through knots as the bristles are more flexible. What really impressed me is the size of the head, compared to my old brush, there is definitely a lot more surface area. As I have long, thick, hair it just makes brushing it through a little easier.

£17.00 is also a really good price in my opinion, brushes can last a really long time if you look after them well and give them a wash regularly, my old brush lasted nearly 6 years which goes to show the pay off that you can get from them. I will definitely be looking after this brush so it really is an investment. 

I am tempted to invest in a rounded brush from ghd after realising what good quality they are. Are you tempted?


  1. great review i really need to get a paddle brush! xx

    1. let me know if you end up buying it :) xx

  2. I LOVE my GHD Paddle Brush, it's an excellent brush and delivers such a smooth blow dry.

    1. it really does and it works so well with the GHD air, a match made!


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