Saturday, 29 September 2012

I put my new shoes on and everything will be alright.

Boots by Very

Hey blogging world, I'm back. 


It's been three weeks of pure misery and FINALLY on thursday evening I submitted a very poorly written essay. This also means that my module is complete and I never have to think of generic humanites for a while- something which I am really glad of as it really began to drag and I just didn't want to do it anymore! But it has GONE and the next module doesn't start for 2 weeks which means I get a couple of weeks of catching up on tv, reading a mountain of novels which I had to put to one side for a while, seeing friends and generally trying to recharge my worn out batteries! Hopefully thhe motivation and energy will be back to full peak soon. 

I bought these lovely boots from as a little treat to myself for powering through and getting it done, when often I felt like giving up! Firstly, I must say that Very really do have the best delivery service. I ordered at 7pm on the Thursday and they arrived before Friday lunchtime! The leather is faux, something which I personally prefer (I don't eat meat and I don't want to wear their skin) but looks real and seems of good quality! I can imagine myself wearing these with a girly little skater dress and massive knitted jumper. 

I also bought the NARS foreplay palette which I have been craving for far too long, But that hasn't arrived yet.

I don't have much to catch you up on from my life, it's been a bit full on with the essay and apart from not sleeping and crying from stress, not alot has happened. So instead how about you all tell me what you have been doing?


Sunday, 23 September 2012

what i'm listening to

The Vaccines, The Killers, Brand New, Temper Trap, Bastille, The Script, Pure Love, Florence and The Machine, Of Monsters and Men.
1.The Vaccines, Come of Age.
This latest offering from the Vaccines is definitely a step towards adult hood, with more grown up beats that 'what did you expect..?'. Whilst still retaining the light hearted beats that we got used to. At points it screams Maximo Park, but it is undeniably them all over. It's an album for those of us who still feel the need to have a dance, whilst being able to maintain an adult conversation. 
Listen to if you like: (Indie Pop!!!) The Courteeners, Maximo Park, The Maccabees etc. 
My personal highlight: No Hope. 

2. The Killers, Battle Born. 
Yesterday on facebook, my Dad boldly described this as "The follow up to Joshua Tree" (referencing the U2 album if anyone missed that!). Now I'm not sure if I would agree with that, mainly as I'm not a massive U2 fan... To me it sounds like The Killers doing what The Killers do best. It is definitely a good album and bound to make their mark on the 2012 album list. 
Listen to if you like: Everything else The Killers have produced... and er U2. apparently.
My personal highlight: I haven't got that far yet. I just keep listening to it all the way through. (so it's all a highlight? I don't know). 

3. Brand New, Daisy. 
Okay, so this isn't a new one- but Brand New haven't released a new one and I haven't stopped listening to Brand New. Who I love, because they make some insanely moody music and sometimes when I feel like a healthy dose of adult angst (regularly) then they hit the spot, over and over. 
 Listen to if you like: GlassJaw, 30 Seconds to Mars (the good bits), Funeral For A Friend, Taking Back Sunday. 
My personal highlight: At The Bottom.  

4. The Temper Trap. 
Ah another golden oldie, that layout of cd covers was badly planned. But they have some glorious songs and you've probably already heard them. But go and listen againandagainandagain. 
Listen to if you like: Passion Pit, The XX
My personal highlight: Fader. 
I'm in a transit, floating stranded on this boat, and I pledge myself alliegance to a better nights sleep at home.

5. Bastille.
If you like catchy beats and gentle dance songs with rock undertones then listen to Bastille. If that sounds like a rediculously over complicated way of describing something, listen to Bastille. If you don't know how to pronounce it (is it Bast-eel or Bast-Ill?) then listen to Bastille. 
Listen to if you like: Spector, Foxes, Alex Clare, Beach House. 
My personal highlight: Bad Blood.   

6. The Script #3 
Every time I think of Danny O'Donaghue... my knickers fall off. That isn't even an understatement. The amount of beauty that man has should be illegal and I worry for his safety if I ever bump into him. Right, now i've got that off my chest: album review. So this album is quite mainstream and in many ways safe, but it is full of really good beats and it is featuring which is always a bonus. I personally adore The Script and think it has been the best album that they have bashed out so far. 
Listen to if you like: Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, Owl City, Scouting for Girls (and other not to serious bands) 
My personal highlight: either Hall of Fame or Six Degrees of Seperation. I CANT DECIDE.

7. Pure Love 
Right, If you google them and think 'I recognise that ginger prick' thats because the lead singer is Frank Carter. Aka Frank Carter previously from the punk band Gallows. In Gallows he was a spitting, screaming, veiny lout who I absolutely could not stand. In Pure Love, he seems to have softened up. They are still on the heavy side of the indie pop that their name hints to and they still sit in alt rock. But their tunes are very listenable and are far more mainstream than Gallows (who I believe are still going strong minus Carter). 
Listen to if you like: Gaslight Anthem, Foo Fighters, Against Me. 
My personal highlight: Handsome Devils Club.   

8. Florence and the Machine. 
I'm going to make an outrageous statement and say that I think that this is better than her first album. I know. Bold. But it has less filler in my opinion. Either way, expect big vocals long notes and the earthy feel that Flo emulates. If you liked her first album, you'll love her second one. 
Listen if you like: Two Door Cinema Club, Kate Nash. 
My Personal Highlight: Shake It Out. 

9. Of Monsters and Men, My Head Is An Animal.
This band is going to be huge, every time I listen to them I get a little brim of excitement over how big they are going to be. They bring this brilliant twist to indie pop and the duality of male and female voices give this gorgeous mix to their voice. And the male voice has a voice like butter that makes me want to jump into bed with him.
Listen to if you like: Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, Temper Trap.
My personal highlight: Little Talks (sorry, I know it's the single but its my favourite!)   

What are you listening to at the moment?


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Looking sexy in the office- a guest post from Karys

Technically I should still be sat in my office, but a combination of a migraine and fever means that I am actually in bed! Hopefully I'll be back to full health by tomorrow and work and study can continue as normal. Today, I have the gorgeous Karys from Who Is Grumble Beard? here to show you here insanely stylish way of dressing for work. I was super excited to read it as it turns out she also works in a university!! Personally, I feel the ultra glam students make me want to dress better, but recently i've been stuck in a long sleeve/cardi/plain trousers rut- Karys has given me inspiration though and on payday I am going to go scouring for some quircky items. Poppy xxxx
I sit writing this with a banana split in my belly (so good) and a cup of tea at my side. Today was the first day back at term and for many students that could be stressful, but as an employee of a University College I can safely say start of term is much worse for us, someone please pass me the wine and chocolate!
I love my job. I work in student support and financial welfare, and I feel proud to work for the institution I do. But one of the major plusses of my job is this, I get to go shopping under the guise of buying 'work wear'.
Today I am guest posting to bring you my favourite work wear outfits and pieces I just love. I spend my days wearing tailored pieces and even before I was a 'working professional' I used to live in well cut items, and rarely did 'casual' (she says as typing wearing a big fluffy dressing gown). Now I get to wear my favourite kind of clothes every day, and so I like to dress 'Business Karys' and look as what I would refer to as 'so pro'.

Top 7 shirt and jacket combos (one for each day of the week...shhh I don't work weekends)

  1. Kimono Jacket (Oasis) and Blush Blouse with Black Collar (Dorothy Perkins)
Light Pink Suit Jacket (New Look) and Pleated Bow Blouse (Topshop)
 Black and White Suit Jacket (Primark bargain) and Print Blouse (Zara)
 Suit Jacket (Marks and Spencers) and Black and White Sheer Blouse (New Look)

Tweed Blazer (New Look) and Swan Print Shirt (ASOS)

Navy Suit Jacket (H&M) and Yellow Chiffon Blouse (New Look)
 Dove Print Blazer (H&M) and Cream and Black Blouse (Forever 21)
As a bonus, here is something I love at the moment; it’s a fake silk scarf, although I would like to save for a nicer one which is pure silk. I saw the idea in a magazine and fell in love with it. I went out and got a scarf the same day and it looks great tucked into a shirt at work, and equally in a denim shirt out of office hours.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my work wardrobe, and I would love to see all your favourite pieces on the ‘Business’ versions of yourselves!

Monday, 17 September 2012

5 things that make me rediculously happy.

I am absolutely SWAMPED with work at the moment, the more I think about it- the more stressed I get. I have 11 days until my end of module assignment is due in & although I have been working flat out on it... I'm yet to actually write any words for the essay. I'm trying to have a little chill time right now because I just can't effing concentrate on my text books any more. And a little chill time means a little chance to blog, yey! Here are five things that make me keep going- essay or no essay.

1. Bella. (my big sisters dog)

Bella (quite clearly) is a Border Collie, She's 3 1/2 and my sister has had her since she was a pup. The reason I love her so bloody much is because it is impossible not to! She is so sweet tempered and happy to play all the time. She is obsessed with her ball and likes to sleep with her head on a pillow. She knows that if you tap the edge of the sofa you want her to play & if you tap the back, you want her to cuddle up. She has the happiest little face and  a gorgeous freckly nose. If you're having a bad day, an hour will Bella will completely turn that frown upside down. I just love her. 
2. Getting to see my girl Jess. 

 Jess is my absolute favourite babe. It makes me incredibly sad that she lives in Essex with is a million miles away from my house. When I do get to see her, I always have the best time and laugh until we both get head ache. She is my soul sister we are so similar (last week I had a dream about a certain lead singer and this week she had a dream so similar it is spooky). NEED TO SEE MORE OF YA GURL.

3. Blogging (and various social media). 

Right now I feel so happy to be back blogging, it may have only been a week since I wrote a post of my own, but it feels like a life time. I may not have a big blog and I may not get to do it for a living... but it is my favourite hobby & the best stress relief I have discovered to date. (insert sex joke here) (insert joke about inserting here). 
Twitter and Instagram also get alot of love from me, as i'm sure my various followers in those places will agree with.

4. High end (read fucking expensive makeup).

This is something that I get rediculously obsessed with, but it makes me so happy. I genuinely look forward to putting my face on in the morning & the more expensive, the better. My name is Poppy & I am a makeup-o-holic.

10. This photo. 

 Ladies and Gentlemen, my Cat Luther. HE IS CROSSED EYES. ARRRRRGH!

What is keeping you insanely happy this month? 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Why you need to think that you are fucking beautiful.

picture source
So, as some of you know, I haven't always been the most confident girl. At school I was quite shy and painfully insecure. I was beyond awkward and didn't know how to do my hair or my makeup effectively. I didn't know how to dress to suit my curvy little figure and I couldn't quite master the effortless cool that so many seem to portray. 

Basically, I was completely clueless on how to be a hottie and my teenage years were sincerely dampened by this. I look back now and I can't think why on earth I put myself down. I make myself mad that I was constantly on a diet, how I used to resent the thighs that now I absolutely adore, or how I used to imagine hacking away at fat on my body to be a skinny little minnie. 

And the thing is that I am a skinny little minnie, I weigh 8 1/2 stone & I'm a size 8, my stomach is flat and my waist is 22 inches- something that my friends get forever jealous of. The truth of the matter is that bodies come in so many different forms and the only idea of thin that I had in my head was the pencil thin, straight up and down effect that some girls absolutely rock. But that isn't me, I'm a little pear shaped and I have some serious hips and bum going on- No matter how slight I am.. there is always going to be more junk in my trunk that the straight up straight down skinny could never handle. My body is all woman. That is nothing to hide under a baggy jumper and hope that noone looks at. 

I hadn't figured out how to make my face look it's best. I used to practise my fucking smile in the mirror, unsure of how to make my face look less disastrous .I hid behind too much black eyeliner and slightly orange foundation- like so many teenagers do now. I discovered makeup PROPERLY when I was about 18... and that is when my self confidence absolutely soared. I went from seeing my plain jane face everyday and being slightly embarrased that was all I had... to all of a sudden being surrounded by potions and lotions and It was complete heaven. It was like putting on a mask and with it on I felt like I owned every room that I walked in. My freshly blushed cheeks and carefully made up eyes captured attention and for the first time in my life I actually felt beautiful. 

It shouldn't have taken me 18 years to get to the point where I looked at myself and thought I looked pretty. Only in the last six months have I felt that I am allowed to be beautiful. I should have known that all my life and I should not have spent my teenage years crippled with self loathing and self doubt. Now, when I get ready in the morning, I do it with confidence. I do my makeup before I do anything else & then I feel ready to face the day. I enjoy dressing for my body shape... balancing my shoulders with my hips and ensuring that my waist is pulled in. When I leave the house in the morning, I feel like I look a million dollars and thats is all that matters. I do not give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of me, because who are they to judge me? I'm the only person who has to live in my body so MY opinon is the main one. 

I want every girl, every woman, every member of our gorgeous sexy gender to realise how AMAZING they are. To get ready in the morning to suit themselves and be as individual or mainstream or girly or hipster or WHATEVER as they please.

There are so many types of gorgeous. I don't give a fuck if you're 7 stone or 17 stone or whatever. You are you and that is fucking awesome. I want you to wake up in the morning and look in that mirror and think 'Damn, Girl', from those eyes to those cheekbones or lips or hair, you all have a best quality- something that you know that every single person you see today will notice and think 'Damn, Girl'. Instead of thinking of those things that you hate and despise and hope to God will go away- just accept that they are there and they are as brilliant as the rest of you. Those completely rad features you are owning are making mens balls jump up all over the country... because you are woman and you are fucking hot. Basically I'm suggesting we ignore the things we dislike and focus on our banging features WHICH WE ALL HAVE. Seriously, don't believe me... send me a photo and i'll let you in on your beauty secrets. 

I have so much love for you all. Every blog that I follow, every follower that I have. I admire your confidence in posting pictures of yourself in a public domain and I appreciate the kind words that get left in comments. Look after yourselves, be healthy.... don't ruin your body for the needs of others. Be happy... don't let others drag you down. Fucking own yourself. 
Ps- I'm probably not going to have much opportunity to write here over the next three weeks due to it being my end of module assignment, I have a serious amount of work to do. If anyone fancies guest posting for me, I would appreciate it- drop me an email at or just comment here. Whether you blog or not, your contribtion will only be an added bonus to this space.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


1. Bag 2. Jumper 3. Underwear 4. Chelsea Boots  5. Lippy 6. scarf 7. dress 8. Ciate Polish
 All linked.

This week i'm feeling quite wintery, even though it's about 30 degrees outside. It is september god damn it, I am no longer craving the heat and now I want to snuggle up in bed in a giant jumper and slippers. On Friday, I wore a huge jumper to work with the hopes of it being all icy out. Turns out we sunbathed in the park & I sweltered all day. 

However that isn't going to stop my cravings for wine coloured jumpers with grey wool boots. So up until it becomes appropriately frosty, I will just have to lust from afar. 

My week has been particularly exciting, but I'm not quite ready to let you in on what is going on in Poppy Land. So how about you tell me what you have been up to and what you are currently wishing for? 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Current product love.

Opi- I'm all ears. (Part of the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection for Opi)
This polish has been on my nails consistantly, normally I change every couple of days... but this is just too good. It's gorgeous deep pink is complimented with flecks of blue and silver to give it a unique shimmer. It reminds me a little of "fantasy fire" as it has that edge that you don't quite expect. Like all Opi nail lacquers, it lasts forever & has a gorgeous sheen to it- it doesn't even really need a top coat.

Deep Cleansing Oil- DHC (glossybox)
 Okay, When I opened this months glossybox.. this didn't stand out to me and I didn't think that I would be using it. An oil to wash your face...really?!


Literally three drops of this bad boy and all your makeup has been eaten up. I don't know where it goes, it's genuine out of hogwarts magic- Panda eyes are a thing of the past. It smells great and is so effective. Also, as it is an oil, I have noticed that my face (awkwardly typed bum instead of face.. I do not rub this on my arse) has felt as soft as a babies behind for the last few weeks. Its lasting really well- less than a 5th of this small bottle has gone!

So all in all, it makes your skin feel gorgeous, it last the extra mile AND it works. bonus. 

Lush- Helping Hands hand cream
This smells effing rank. It has camomile in it so it smells a bit like cat pee, but if you can look (smell) past that then it is a glorious product. You can feel it sinking straight into your skin and you get instant benefits. It lasts a good 4 hours before I feel like I need to reapply. If like me you're a huge moisturiser fan, i'd definitely recommend this one! It also comes in a squeezy tube for added convenience. 

I like to use this in a glove overnight- it leaves your hands feeling like butter!

Bare Minerals double ended face and eye brush. Mac 168 Contour Brush.
Surprisingly, brushes that aren't realtechniques have made it into my favourites! These are both rather new but I haven't put either of them down since getting them. 

Bare minerals Brush- I feel that the corse hairs on the 'face' end are perfect for bare minerals mineral veil. It picks up the mineralised powder better than a synthetic brush and evenly buffs it in. I use the 'eye' end to actually apply mineral veil on top on concealer to hold it in place!

Mac brush- this is my first brush from mac as they are quite expensive, but I have a lovely step mum who bought it for me as a present. I've been using it with Nars laguna bronzer and I love it. The bristles are lovely and soft and not a single one has shedded. I'm going to look after this baby.

Illamasqua translucent powder.
 This product is my absolute pride and joy. It is a translucent powder, don't be put off by the fact it is bright white! I was served by a girl with middle eastern origin and she assured me she uses this on a daily basis. So basically it isn't going to give you ghost face! 
It is very light and buffs in like a dream, it doesn't need reapplying throughout the day and keeps moisture and shine away. You will come throughh the door looking as good as you did when you left. 
 IT ALSO SMELLS LIKE PUDDING. Seriously, it is so vanilla-ry that it may be offputting to some but personally I like getting a whiff of it throughout the day and knowing that my face smells great and looks great (vain).

Three Minute Miracle Reconstructor
Dear Aussie, thank you for saving my barnet from having a chop. Honestly, this had restored all health into my hair- from worn out limp and split, it is now vivacious and full of life again. I'm currently using it as a normal conditioner as my hair needs all the help it can get. It smells devine too. 
Basically, everyone ever, buy this. 



I had some seriously high hopes for this product, as I love my bottle of argan oil. However this is just a terrible, terrible product. It completely dried my hair out and made it so static. 

You know when you put conditioner on it the shower, your hair feels super buttery whilst you rinse it off? It didn't do that. It felt horrible and stiff and dry. Seriously, 59p Wilko conditioner is genuinely & these were 6.99 each!! This is one to avoid. 

What have you been enjoying this month? What do you think I should try? 

I apologise for the shite quality of photos in this post. I used my Iphone as I was too lazy to get the SLR out!


Monday, 3 September 2012

New Header

This is just a very quick post to show off my beautiful new blog header as designed by the gorgeous Jaymie from By Jaymie. She blogged last week to show off some gorgeous headers that she has designed & asking if anyone is looking to have anything done, I'd been casually thinking about doing something new with my little space & as a big fan of her art, I jumped at the chance.

I am so glad that I did, not only has she produced something really beautiful & very 'me'. She is also a lovely girl and an absolute pleasure to work with who kept me updated along the way. From start to finish, it was less than a week!  

I'm not going to tell you how much I paid, far too much of a lady! But her rates are rediculously reasonable so definitely keep her in mind for any future work. 

And follow her blog because it is bloody lovely!!! 

Thank you so much girl, it's perfect <3

Twitter @poppy839

Saturday, 1 September 2012 haul

Elemis fresh skin tester kit- 15.92
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm- 23.80
YSL Touche Eclat- 23.80

Bare Minerals- Girlfriend Collection- 20.50
So have a pretty epic sale on at the moment with some really great discounts on luxury products. We all know that I am a big fan of expensive products and some may say that I have too much- I don't say this. There is always space in my heart and my life for another product. So I tried to not go too crazy and picked up some items that I did think were gaps in my collection. 

Feeunique offer free delivery which arrived within 5 days of ordering. The sale is lasting until the 4th. 

Elemis Freshskin testers
So in this kit you get: 
1 x gentle face wash 
1 x skin glow exfoliating face wash 
1 x dreamy sleep night time moisturiser
1 x softly softly day time moisturiser. 
3 x deep clean purifty mask 

Freshskin is designed for young skin (teens to twenties) with an emphasis on being suitable for all skin types. It smells delicious, like sandlewood lavender & roses. I was excited to try this after hearing rave reviews about its oil balancing ability- I have dry skin so appreciate anything extra. So far I have used the day moisturiser, a face mask and the gentle fash wash. My skin looks regenerated and gorgeous (if I do say so myself!) it's effective without being harsh- a big plus in my eyes. I would buy full sized versions of the items I have tried. 

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
I honestly did not know what to expect from this product, having never sampled it & getting it on whim as it was so cheap. Normally I would research so I had an idea of what I was buying but this was nice and exciting. I haven't quite worked out if it does a great job at the moment- I'm suffering from hangover skin and that no amount of potions or lotions will help that today. Never the less I like the smell and texture of this and will try and find a way to use it to its potential. As a cult classic, i'm sure it is exceptional. 

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation.
After getting a sample, I knew I would be commiting cash to this as it is exceptional. Without a doubt my favourite foundation- I implore you to try it. Read my sample review here. My initial impressions stood strong & I look forward to working my way through this bottle. 

Bare Minerals Collection.
This kit contains:
Mineral Veil 
b.f.f eye colour 
k.i.t eye colour
big and bright eyeliner in sage
t.t.y.l blush (description- sheer pink poppy. love it) 
buxom lip polish 
face and eye brush 

This was rediculously good value and I snapped it straight up, i'm not a massive fan of mineral eye colour so I don't know how much use I will get out of them but mineral veil and the brush I have been going mad on. Mineral veil is a sheer setting powder with uva/uvb protection- it glides on and stays on and is glorious. The idea of the double ended brush is exciting and they are good quality. I haven't decided how to store them though. The lip gloss was my favourite of the kit, but being an idiot- I lost it last night. I am sincerely gutted. 

Is there anything here you would give a go? Have you ordered from 

Now i'm going to go and recover from last night- I drank far too much and I am truely suffering from it now.