Sunday, 29 July 2012

Rihanna Hair

Top- New Look 
Shorts- Asos
Hair- My Own 

This morning I was sat watching youtube videos, a sunday morning must, I got around to Rihanna ft Calvin Harris- We found Love. There is a few shots of her with her hair all piled up and with a bandana (see here). I took one look at my messy mop and decided that was what I was going to go for today. 
Rihannas curls are quite "fake", the kind that you know aren't real... But my hair has a life on it's own so I didn't want to straighten out the natural curls! Therefore it isn't a replica, just inspired by (or maybe i'm just saying that, you'll never know). 

It was really easy to do, I just pinned it all untill it was all on top of my head and then styled it around my hair band. If you want a step by step, I can do one :) 
What do you think, did I manage to capture her or do I look like a crazy lady with too many curls? 


What I'm listening to.

I can pretty much pin point all the events in the last 7 years of my life around what I was listening to, who I was manically saving up to see, who I was losing myself in a crowd for and who I was connecting to lyrically. There is a box in my room which is literally stuffed full of old gig tickets, most peoples memory boxes are filled with photos, momentos and cute notes... mine is just full of old ticket stubs. I can't tell you how many bands I have seen or how many gigs I have been to- just how vital they have been to me as a person and how they have helped me develop into the person I am today. 

I say this because I want to clarify how important music has been to me. I took a trip down memory lane and read some of my old posts- the lack of musical posts really struck me. Something that is so important, is lacking. So i'm introducing a new element into this- The what I am listening to. 


Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever ago.
  - This is the Debut Album from Bon Iver and was released in 2007. I hadn't listened to it in such a long time, but recently I just can't turn it off. It is full of heart break, emotion and a raw energy that speaks straight to this girls heart and I may not be the Emma he is singing for- but it feels like it and that to me is the mark of an incredible record. It may be a golden oldie but it has a very special place in my heart. 
I rate it: 5/5 
Highlight: Skinny Love (Birdie covered this!!).

Alex Clare- Lateness of the Hour
- I hope that this has made it way on to everyones musical radar. It is the debut album, released last year and in the last few months has really made its mark. 
Firstly I must say he has the most beautiful voice- I could listen to it all day, he is lyrically clever and draws on a range of genres from soul and R&B to crashing old school rock with a twist of D&B thrown in. It is an eclectic mix and it creates the smoothest dance songs I have possibly ever heard in my life. 
I rate it: 4/5 (I look forward to seeing what else he can do) 
Highlight: Hummingbird. 

Coldplay- Mylo Xyloto
 This is probably one of my favourite albums of all time, I've never been a massive Coldplay fan (my dad adores them though) But from the first listen I was hooked. It's beautiful, it's soulful, it's magnificent. I could listen to this album for my whole life and keep finding new elements to fall in love with. Interestingly, it is a concept album that is currently being produced into a series of comic books- I can't wait to get my hands on them. 
I rate it: 5/5 
Highlights: Charlie Brown, Paradise, Princess of china.. all of it!

The Gaslight Anthem- Handwritten. 
A brand new album, Handwritten was only out last week.The Gaslight Anthem captured my attention in 2008 and hasn't lost it since then. To me, they sound like downtown America, the heat.. the streets... the patriotic nation. Sitting in porches, listening to soul on an old radio and reading To Kill A Mockingbird outloud. This is The Gaslight Anthem. They bring back a time gone by in a lovely modern way. I think they have a quality that draws in a large audience and regardless of your musical tastes they are one to listen to. 
As it was only out last week, I'm not going to rate it!! 


Jessie J and David Guetta- Laserlight
-I can't stop listening to this. I have it on in the car, on my iPad, going to sleep and right now!! I absolutely adore Jessie J, I wish I was her. She is my absolute favourite lady and I think her voice is incredible. Similarly I love David G- what an absolute legend. The two of them have produced a spectacular fusion of drop down beats, heady chorus and an all around bum shaker of a song. If this won't get you on the dancefloor, get out of the club because quite frankly you don't deserve to be there. 
I rate it: 5/5. 

Conor Maynard- Vegas Girl. 

- What an absolute guilty pleasure of a song. It's technically a bit rubbish: no stand alone beat; no incredible musical addition; no real content to the lyrics. It's generic pop music and no doubt the world will have forgotten this song in a few months. However at the moment it's a bit unavoidable and I love it. I have no idea why, maybe I really want to be a vegas girl- who knows! Unfortunately he is a bit Beiberish and maybe I should put the record down and walk away. 
I rate it 2/5 (but 5/5 for effort!)

Maroon 5- Payphone.
This song has made up for the ear raping Moves Like Jagger gave me and whilst I still haven't forgiven them for that piece of shit- this is just brilliant. It's ultimately a breakup song but rather than being a "Someone Like You" (Adele)... It's basic message is FUCK YOU. which is just... perfect. I love it. It's very reminisant of their early style and show cases Adam Levines adorabley unique voice. This is the catchy kind of song I want from Maroon 5!
I rate it: 4/5 (after moves like jagger ruined my life they still don't deserve full marks!)

Frank Turner- I Am Dissapeared 
 - Franky T! If my bestest girl, Jess is reading this I know she'll be with me on this one. Frank is just an absolute babe and I adore him. He's oddly attractive in a "i'm not sure if I should fancy you... but I really do" kind of way. He really does produce the kinds of songs that speak straight to my heart and I'm pretty sure He follows me around taking notes because his songs just have to be about me! This song is all about running away and is in his usual mash up of rock and folk. Please never stop singing Frank. 
I rate it 5/5.

 Calvin Harris and Example- We'll Be Coming Back
- The influences of both of Calvin Harris and Example are both very evident in the song and the collaboration works very well as they have similar, yet distinct styles. Example is quite possibly my favourite dance artist, everything he does captures my attention. Calvin Harris was never my favourite when his main focus was singing, yet everything he produces is spectacular and his talent definitely lies here. This song builds up from single notes to complicated break downs in the chorus- There is about 6 different layers. Incredible. 
I rate it 4/5 (do more together!

So thats what I haven't stopped listening to this week- what delights have been taking your fancy? Is there anything you think I should listen to? Is there something i've been listening to that you're now going to? or something you can't believe I like? 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

instagram #2

hangover pose waiting for the wax to cool american snacks the weather this week psycho kitty my gorgeous mama cups of tea for three my poppy top from coach polish in yellow by orly arrival of the glossy box anti social kitty enjoying the weather with mama getting the aloe vera on my sore legs addicted to these my lovely garden.

I've had such a good week this week, as i'm sure you can all tell! Good weather has always been a winner for putting a smile on my face and i've been making sure to get that face in the sun as much as possible! 

I went out last night, but was in too much of a rush to take any photos of what I wore (simple dress and heels!) I'm really gutted I didn't have any photos- or any photos from being out. I went with the girls from my sisters office and it was just such a good night. I drank far too much, I drank like I was 18 and still didn't know my limits. It was such a spontaneous night out- they are always the best! I did shots for the first time in YEARS, the best of which was a "grand slam" and tasted of pancakes!! The worst was a god awful orange flavoured one. 

I got groped (not by choice- I had to throw the Jenna Marbles face as him!!) by a welsh guy and then he preceded to throw up all over the dance floor. After we left the club I saw him outside and called him out on groping me. His friend got involved, my sister got involved... He realised we were sisters and decided he was going to "do both of the sisters". Then he goes to me, which sister am I having first then? I said the blonde one (she has a serious boyfriend and would have punched him... what i'd already been groped!). He asked me if I was sure cause "he could probably do me too!". 

I got home, my parents were awake... I made my stepdad cook for me and forced my mum into a conversation. Oops! 

So how was everyones week? It's PAYDAY weekend, did you go and celebrate too?! 


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

OOTD- evening in the pub

Converse (old) 
playsuit- missguided
denim jacket- topshop
gold necklace- primark
feather bangles- gifted from work

Just a quick post to show off what I wore to the pub tonight. I was meeting my lovely friend Chloe for a quick drink and a catch up- so I went for a slightly odd trainer/playsuit/denim jacket combo. I like it though :) Let me know what you think! too much casual to go with the silk playsuit?


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

oh my gosh, it's Glossybox

So, this is no new product in the blogsphere for good reason. Glossybox works on the premise that that girls will pay for samples- like most bloggers I want to try new procuts to eventually review them. For just 15.99 a month, you get five luxury products delivered to your door. 

Moisture Mist- full size 7.99.
It's like they read my mind, I was only complaining on my review here that I couldnt user the leave in conditioner on dry here. Well here is my miracle end reviver. Apparently it is also for skin- I will trial it this week and report back!

Nuxe oil- 23.50 full size (price quoted from feelunique)
Hair oil, skin oil.. cute! my hair and skin adores argan oil so it will be interesting to see if it has the same feelings for this!

Elizabeth Arden- Multitude of samples
This one i'm least excited about. it's a bit magaziney for glossybox- but as I recieved 5 other samples- the average- then I feel this is possibly a little extra?

Bex- W1X perfume(full size 81.00)
So this is a fairly rich, floral perfume. It is heavy and musky and absolutely glorious. It is described as androgenous and this slightly masculine take on a floral smell is revolutionary. I absolutely adore it. The full size is a little out of my price range so I'm going to make the most of the sample! 

Monu eye gel- 16.95 
This is interesting, a gel for the morning to help reduce puffiness... well every little helps! I'll give it a trial go and then review! 

Jelly Pong Pong- 10.00 
from I what I can see the sample size is full sized which is very generous (but I could be wrong- if I am drop me a comment and i'll edit accordingly!). It's beautiful, I love it. It has a lovely smell and a lovely sheen, I'm going to get a lip brush for it as the application tip isn't suited to rolling on. Bar that I can't fault it! 

Work attire #2

Top- Very
Trousers- Topshop
Bracelet- Pandora
Necklace- Fallen Saint

Good afternoon my lovely ladies (and any way ward gentlemen, what a glorious afternoon it is. I've spent the last hour baskin in the sunshine, wearing the shortest shorts and crop top to get as much vitamin D as possible. What is it about the sun that is such a brilliant mood lifter? I'm assuming it has something to do with its ability to have me writhing around wearing little to nothing.I'm looking a little rosy but it makes a nice change from deathly pale. 

So this is what I wore for work today!! After the torrential rain we had last week, I was a little unprepared for the beautiful sunshine so hadn't arranged myself with a sensible summer wardrobe (rookie error). I went for my black trousers as they're baggy and lightweight- I need to get myself some nice linen ones. And this beautiful silk top from very, this morning I was appreciating it's baggy quality and was looking forward to having the wind sail straight down, but by about 11am I was just getting annoyed that it was falling off my shoulders. So if you are thinking about getting this top, bear in mind the sizes run big- I got an 8 and wish I had got a 6!!! 

I do apologise for the lack of reflection of the weather in this post, I got some quick photos in before I went to work because I knew my hair would not survive down all day. (it was up by 9.15!!). Tomorrow i'll try and get up ten minutes earlier to rush into the great outdoors to get snaps. (I say this now- I bet I either don't get up early, or use this time to apply more makeup!). 

Now i'm gonig to get back to dipping my toes in water and feeling the sunshine on my face!! Remember, drink plenty of water and be skinsmart- use protection!!!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Paul Mitchell Leave In Conditioner

Paul Mitchell Leave in conditioner- 17.99 (for full size-500ml.)

I recieved this product in my June Glossybox, it is a 100ml version- a fairly generous sample. I wasn't a fan at first, In general I prefer my leave in conditioners to come in spray form as I find that gel based formulas can sit quite heavy in the hair and I was very aware of this when I discovered it in my box. 

 However I can leave these fears in the past. This lightweight formula simply melts into the hair and isn't remotely greasy. It smells incredible- i would describe it as "fresh" and smells vaguely foresty. The gel is non sticky so there is no need to wash hands after application (something that would have put me off- I'm far too lazy to walk to the sink!!). 

I have very flyaway hair, quite frankly it is completely uncontrolable and the bain of my life. Whilst it isn't a miracle fixer, it definitely helps reduce the frizz and along side Argan Oil helps to turn it into something a little more manageble. 

The downside for me, is that it doesn't work very well in dry hair. I tend to get very crispy ends, and to extend the time in between washes I often apply oil or spray in conditioners to keep it looking moisturised- something which this product can't be used for. 

I will definitely purchase the full size of this, my locks love it! I would be interested to try some of their other products as well. 

Do any of my lovely followers use Paul Mitchell? Do you have any other recommendations from their range? 
If you have tried this leave in conditioner, what were your impressions of it? 

Ps- I made myself a new twitter, after discovering my outdated one was full of bands I don't listen to and people I don't talk to. If you are a tweeter you can find me @poppy839. 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

instagram post #1

1.Dip-dye nails, using Barry M shades 317&308
2. Me and My beautiful Bella.
3. Healthy lunch at my sisters.
4. Best veggie burger in town.
5. Veggie Supreme (yes I am lactose intolerant) 
6. Ready for work. 
7. Letting my hair curl up for the first time in a few months. 
8. Barry M in retro coral. 
9. New products to try and review!!

All I ever seem to instagram is my dinners!!!