Friday, 29 June 2012

Well I guess this is growing up.

From Top
Dress- Rupblic
Top- New Look, Collar Studds- Kukee
Shoes- New Look (they have a low heel!) 
Red Top-, Skirt- Topshop, Belt- Jane Norman
Gold Necklace- Primark, Top- Topshop
Leopard print top- New Look 
Purple slippers- New Look 
Lace peter pan collar top- New Look.
Okay, so the mission for today was to buy myself some nice grown up clothes for work! As i'm sure you've all noticed by now, I love fashion- So I didn't want anything too boring or dowdy (think white shirts and baggy grey trousers). 

How do you think I did? Hopefully I'll convey office glamour! 


Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why The OU.

A few days ago the lovely Melita blogged about why she chose to go to uni and why she thought that it was a really good opportunity and why others should go. 

I've been doing OU for a few months now and people often question my decision. Do you not want the uni lifestyle? Do you not want to put off adult life for a few more years? Isn't studying on your own.... boring? Is it not expensive?. To be honest I would love to say that the clear answer to all four is no but it is more complicated than that. 


Do not think that the OU doesn't provide you with an experience on it's own. Whilst I may not go out and get hammered on bar crawls with flatmates or coursemates (I do this with my friends anyway!), We interact and we keep in touch. On my course we have a great facebook group which provides great support both academically and on a personal level. Our group has also had large meet ups so you aren't without any one. 

I did a term at Cardiff before I changed routes and I have to say, the uni lifestyle was good for me... for about a week. I got really sick, really quickly, of picking up after other people. Of a mouldy kitchen and of sitting around eating biscuits constantly. 


In my opinion, the best thing about the OU is that it is not your entire plan. You aren't stuck on "just studying" or "just working", you can do both. I work 40 hours a week and study for about 12, this sounds like alot but I do  about 4 hours on my days of and then an hour or two after I get home from work. At the moment I earn about 200 pounds a week and when I start my new job I will be on considerably more. I am gaining experience for the real world and I am not emmersing myself into a big pool of debt.  


Okay, this one is tricky. Yes, sometimes studying by yourself is tedious. Without the constraints of being stuck in a lecture theatre, it is easy to let your mind wander. The amount of times I have found myself perusing the web rather than reading a chapter is amazing. But once you knuckle down and get on with it, it really is no different to studying in a class. I feel like I am achieving in my study as I often have to work things out for myself as there is noone to explain it to me. But if I am really stuck, the facebook group I mentioned is always on hand... with 300+ members there is always someone who knows the answer. We also have tutorials that come every four weeks, these are no different to a typical seminar style of study. You also get a great tutor who provides you with a phone number and email.


Here is the best bit. NO IT IS NOT EXPENSIVE. I'll list this out as I can see it turning into a paragraph. 
  • The fees are cheaper than brick uni. 
  • There are no living or commuting expenses
  • It is easier to earn whilst you study. 
  • There is a bursary, which if you are entitled to it, gives you a few hundred pounds for books. 
  • The course provides you with the majority of the books 
  • On the current system, as a low wage earner.. I do not pay ANY fees. 
  • On the new system, there will be an option for applying to the student loans comany. This will give you a loan the same as you get for brick uni, but the fees are lower. 
  • Unlike brick uni, there is no set scheme of modules. You can pick what modules you take (there is an open degree option... where you can literally pick any module... or follow the route to a specified degree, where you generally only have a few compulsory modules), You do not have to do a module straight after the last. If I didn't want to do another module for two years.... I don't have to, but all of them count towards the final degree. 

It is hard work and you do have to be really motivated, but personally I think that is a good thing. Instead of being babied students, we are self sufficient students. It may not be the party hard option- It is the sensible one. But I do think it is one that 18 year olds should be aware of, Especially with the impending 9000 a year fees plus living costs. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hackney Festival!

So last weekend was Hackney Weekend, It was another event that needed to be reorganised in terms of my life. I had a ticket and I had a ticket for someone else, but due to circumstances I needed an alternative friend. So I sent a series of (quite frankly, hilarious) emails to Chris from Radio One (HI CHRIS!!), being the absolute don of the world.. He sent me an extra ticket for my Best friend in the whole world, Kate. 

So on Sunday morning we donned our wellies and rain macs, piled into my tiny seat arosa with 14 packets of crisps, 4L of lucozade and a packet of twirl bites. And so began our adventure. We got all the way to London without any drama, But as soon as we hit the capital city... The drama began. If two girls one cup makes a great porno... two girls one sat nav would make an equally good horror film! We ended up driving THROUGH the centre of London, downn oxford street and past hyde park and stopping every ten seconds for traffic lights. It was a nightmare, at one set I was showing Kate how I can rearrange my boobs to make them look bigger... We looked over and a whole series of cab drivers were watching and grinning...cringe! We EVENTUALLY got to the tube station, a good hour after we were due to. 

Once we got to the tube station we had no idea where we were going and ended up having to chat up the station manager to direct us in the right way. We then had a tube change to deal with, which we managed with no hassle and by that point we managed to get ourselves in an obvious crowd of festival goers (wellies, raincoats and hipster clothes essential!). And we safely arrived at the hackney marshes! 

I'll quickly review all the artists we saw, or i literally will be here all day fawning over Jessie Js brilliant stripey trousers. 

Labrinth- 4/5. I thought he was brilliant, full of energy and happy to play to his home town. Earthquake stayed stuck in my head all day- definitely the hackney anthem. 
Professor Green- 3/5. Prof G was alright, but by the end of the day I couldnt remember much of his set!
Plan B- 0/5. Majorly dissapointed, he was grumpy and didn't talk to the crowd. He seemed to be on and of very quickly as well!
Jessie J- 5/5. What can I say about my girl Jessie? She is brilliant. Her stage presence is brilliant, Her Trousers are brilliant and she can do things with her voice that make me want to do all kinds of things to her, all of them good.
Tinie Tempah- 4/5. He would have got five, but he had alot to live up to. However I did enjoy having a good rap along to Pass Out and getting low and staying low. 
Taio Cruz- 5/5. He was brilliant and I was gutted that we missed the first ten minutes of his set. 
Florence and The Machine- 3/5. The ginger queen did good!
Dizzie Rascal- 0/5. What a dissapointing special guest. The whole crowd were expecting Coldplay!
David Guetta- 4/5. What an absolute legend. Mr Guetta, I salute you. You do things to songs that make all other songs look pathetic. 
Rihanna- 5/5. I LOVE RIRI. She is my absolute favourite girl. I just want to back her into a pie and eat her with custard. She is amazing, such a role model for... well girls who want to be strippers. She bought out Jay Z for three songs and I almost cried with happiness, they were amazing. Just so amazing.

It literally was the best day, we ran from band to band... consulting our programmes and ensuring we were where we wanted to be all day. We booty danced and crazy danced and jump around danced to some of the greatest artists and just laughed all day!! It rained so hard that it created a swamp, then the sun came out and I got burnt. We ate typical stodgy festival food... but we both avoided the alcohol! What a great free day out in London!

The journey home was a nightmare!! We got back to the car.... and it had broken down. Amazing. So we had to sit around for hours to wait for the AA man to come and we didn't get back untill 3am!

Did anyone else go? What did you think?  

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Are you... NAKED?

This is part one million of the America posts. Todays topic is Urban Decays Naked Palette. 

swatched straight on to skin without primer.
Swatched on top of Urban Decays primer (provided with palette)

It is quite an expensive product as the RRP being 35.00, as their single eyeshadows are 14 pounds... I feel that this is worth the high price tag as you get 12 shades as well as a travel sized bottle of primer and a shadow brush which retails at 14.50. 

The colours are well pigmented and really pop on top of primer, You don't need a lot which means they should also last a while. My favourite shade in the set is half baked (6th shade from the left) It is a beautiful warm golden shade and goes with the lighter shades like "virgin" (first shade on left) to create a pretty day look, or can be vamped up with "hustle" (third shade on right) to create a sultry look. 

Basically this is a palette which really should be in every girls drawer, there is a million different combinations and most of the shades can be worked together (although please dont shove them all on at once). For me, this is what I want as I tend to keep my eye makeup fairly neutral for work.. yet I don't like wearing the same shades every day! 

There is a combination of shimmery, glittery and matte shades which means you can easily create a neutral eye to suit your mood.

There is also a Naked2 palette which costs the same and comes with a lip gloss and double ended brush. I literally stood in Sephora for about ten minutes deciding between the two and only went for the Naked as it has a greater variety of darker shades. However Naked2 looks incredible too and it is on my "to buy" list. 

In other news, I got the job I was waiting on hearing back from last week! I am so exicted about it as it sounds so interesting. It is working in the University as an admin assistant, I start next wednesday!!! I need to buy some work clothes really soon.. any excuse to shop :) 



going grunge for a day.

So last night I was talking to my friend Nat about the grunge fashion that has been popping up all over tumblr recently. My view was that I like it, I think it looks great... But it's not very me. I'm such a girly girl, I just didn't think that I would pull off the look. So today I decided to see what I could create out of my wardrobe to create something that is a little grungy. 

Sheer Blouse- New Look. Studded Leggings- Primark. Necklace- Primark. Both Rings- Kukee. Hair Clips- Babyliss Shoes- New Look, Earrings- Chelsea Doll.  

I love the look personally and I think this outfit looks good. Whether it is me or not is another matter, I think from now on I will include elements into my outfits as I do like the look! 

What do you think? Will you be giving grunge a go? 


Monday, 25 June 2012

My secret garden.

I've recently taken some photos for my blog in the garden, and recieved some compliments about how nice it is, so I thought I would give you a better view into our little haven of plant like wonder.

The garden is completely my mums baby. When we moved in, all that was there was grass and they have built ponds, arches and little hidden areas to form such a beautiful place. I loved the circular grass as a child (okay I still do) as it's so much fun to run around. 

I hope you all think it's beautiful too :) 


Thanking Cosmo for Dainty Doll.

Last week I subcribed to UK Cosmopolitan magazine. Like most girls, I absolutely adore Cosmo and buy it every month. I didn't have any reason not to subcribe... in fact it's more expensive to buy it in the shops regularly! But whilst I was sat on the laptop the other day, I was reading it and an advert for a subcription with a free gift came up. Now I am a sucker for a free-bee so I signed straight up, not knowing what I would be getting. 

- Eyeshadow in 001 You Are Experienced.  
- Eyeshadow Base in 001 Frankie Girl. 
- Lipgloss in 001 So Vain. 
- Pencil Eyeliner in 004 Shake Your Tail Feather. 

All Dainty Doll By Nicola Roberts. 

I have been meaning to test out Dainty Doll for a while, as I am also a very pale girl I find that it is difficult to find shades that aren't too intense for my complexion. 

Eyeshadow and Eyeshadow Base.

Swatched Eyeshadow Base.
On left, Eyeshadow swatched on top of the eyeshadow base. On Right, Swatched straight onto skin.
The eyeshadow base is quite dry, which I wasn't expecting as my Urban Decay base is quite creamy. The eyeshadow is quite pigmented anyway and doesn't look too different on the skin with or without the base (but very different in the photo!) however the base stops the product creasing or transferring. At the moment I think I might prefer it to my Urban Decay base- it is definitely easier to use. 

I'm not the best eyeliner user, I need gel or kohl as my eyes are too sensitive for a harder liner. This isn't kohl but it still glides on fairly easily. If like me, you are a bit of a wimp to poking yourself in the eye, a good tip is to hold the tip of the pencil for about 10 seconds. It warms it up slightly and becomes easier to use! 

The lip gloss is super nourishing and smells like coconuts, yummy! I have a bit of a love for lipgloss and this one is definitely a winner. 

I'm really impressed with Dainty Doll, It is definitely high quality products- which doesn't always happen when there is a celebrity name attatched. Next I want to try their Blusher in My Girl. 

I also costed up the price of the free gift and it came to 43 pounds, which I think is incredibly generous- so thankyou very much Cosmo!!