Wednesday, 30 May 2012

America pt 2- slumming it in the rain.

Okay so you have had the highlights of the night life of the city that never sleeps, as it was seen by two 21 year old drunk females... Now let me take you around the highlights from the day time. Hangovers excluded that is. (Although I have to say, heading to the subway at 9am after a really heavy night is a puke attack waiting to happen). 

Chelsea Market

We were so unfortunate with the weather, it literally PISSED it down untill our last afternoon when it suddenly went beautiful... an hour before we were due to get on our megabus back to Baltimore. For the English reading this, American rain is NOT like our rain. It is worse. It is like a sheet of water coming from the sky. So we donned our waterproofs, our thickest leggings, our umbrellas and with much determination... headed into the city anyway. I was pretty impressed that my converse were actually surprisingly waterproof, if not I think I would have been heading straight back to the hotel to sulk and watch MTV whilst eating double stuffed oreos and sour patch kids. 

So once we had estalished that, yes my shoes were fine and no, Lucys were leaking water. Once we had thanked the people at Fodder publishing for laminating the map and a few "Oh... Fuck!!"s at the rain from me we made it to the er... Green? line downtown to the world trade center site. (Yes we did stop for me to throw up, no it wasn't classy... But as it was NY there was a trusty starbucks on the next corner for some tummy settling cawfee).

The 9/11 site still takes the air out of my lungs and makes my heart beat slower. It has this air of trauma around it... I still haven't managed to work out if that is my own knowledge of what happened there, or just the sheer level of devastation that happened there.. Like the space will never shake off the pain. It was my third time visiting the site, some do think it's a little morbid to go there... to those people, please go there. Please pay your respects. This was the first time that I visited that there was something other than a building site to focus my thoughts on and I was majorly impressed with the memorial pools. It is basically two large square fountains going down into a pool. Each pool stands on the site of each tower. Around the edge of each pool, or a ledge before the drop, all the names of the dead are engraved. This is a nice touch in my opinion... it shows how the world will never forget the brave men and women who faced the untold horrors of that day. The only surviving tree from the original site of the towers is still there, nursed back into health...  This made me cry, simply as it shows that hope will always rise from the ashes. the 9/11 memorial site has made my cry on every visit, it isn't weird or morbid- It respectful. 

After this emotional visit in the rain we did the only thing that any self respecting tourist in New York should do... We visited Chelsea Market. (But not after Lucy had managed to stop a very attractive cop to ask directions to the subway... then poked him in the eye with her umbrella). MEATPACKING DISTRICT IS SO COOL! Seriously. Go. NOW. We walked around for like half an hour just taking in the smells of all the different cafes and delicatessens, fawned over pretty cupcakes and macaroons and eventually ended up in a little vintage boutique store, filled with lots of individual stalls. It was so cool! I picked up a cameo ring for $45 (picture above!!) it is so beautiful. 

Look how cute these cupcakes from chelsea market are!

We then went to a proper American diner, the type you see in films and in old tv programmes. I had blueberry pancakes with strawberries on top and Lucy ate grilled cheese (er.... like a cheese toastie but with tomato soup... I have no idea why) She only had this as she was still feeling rough from our super sized bottle of wine... I was feeling awesome after I emptied my stomach into a gutter on the corner of 52nd and Lex. I would happily eat there every day for the rest of my life, it was amazing food and such a great little cafe! 

By this point our hair was getting frizzy, our leggings were weighing us down and even the laminated map was starting to feel the effects of being under enough water to fill the hudson river... So we headed back to our hotel and we watched MTV... and ate double stuffed oreos... 

The best blueberry pancakes in the world.

Next time- New york on a slightly sunnier (BUT NOT SUNNY) day 


Monday, 28 May 2012

America post 1.

Hey everyone, 
I'm officially back from my favourite country in the world, well I have been since friday but I spend of fri and sat in bed, then yesterday catching up with a few friends. So.. Now it's your turn to have my attention :). 

I'm going to do this blog in a few posts, untill I get bored of talking about it I guess (NEVER muahaha) So this is post one of god knows how many and I'm going to take you to the beautiful city of NEW YORRRRRK.

Times Square
 I took these two photos on the same night, the first is quite obviously of times square and the second is just a standard street in Soho. I just wanted to demonstate how many different sides to New York there really are. You can go once and do the standard *timessquareempirestatecentralparkstatueoflibertystatenislandbroadway* combination that EVERY single tourist from around the world will also be doing, and feel like you have seen New York. You've seen like... 10 blocks. Most people won't have even braved the subway and will pay a rediculous amount to get you round these (absolutely gorgeous) landmarks. But trust me, there is so much more to see. This was my 4th time visiting, I still found a million things I hadn't seen and a million more that I want to. 

Times square is incredible, there is so much atmosphere at night. You can literally stand in the same spot all night and still be marvelled by the things you looked at. I was really excited to see Iron Man walking around, and tried to take a picture with him.... But he wanted $10. He didn't appreciate it when I reminded him that Tony Stark is infact a billionaire so shouldn't need my ten dollars. However some nice cops posed with my friend and didn't even want any  cash for the privelage!

Most New Yorkers are incredibly nice people, NOT assholes. So If you ever go, don't be intimidated to talk to anyone (especially if you're British- they adore our accents). A little charm definitely goes a long way... Which is how we ended up walking 50 blocks from the upper east side. With plenty of help from the natives we didn't even get lost. We got ourselves invited to a comedy club by a very gay scottish man. Aaaaaand we drank all our taxi money, But I cannot reccommend going for a midnight stroll around the city that never sleeps enough! It genuinely NEVER SLEEPS, it looks exactly the same as it does in the day, except with less business people and more tourists with cameras. All the shops are still open, people milling around everywhere. Incredible. (But please none of you wander over to central park- it is an incredible place during the day time but it is a dangerous place at night). 

And here is what I wore both evenings: 

And so this concludes my opinion on NYC at night. I have plenty more tales- I have a feeling this could go on forever. 

Untill next time :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012


I've had a pandora bracelet for almost a year now, it's my favourite piece of jewlery as it is something that you can really make your own, with the large range of kirky charms that they have to offer.

Today I felt like I actually needed a treat, something that would stand the test of time and something to mark this stage in my life. 

Look how pretty the charms I chose are! The red glass bead with daisies on was 30 pounds and the star charm only 20!! 

Firstly, I decided I needed some colour on my bracelet. As I already have a poppy charm on there (a favourite birthday present from my wonderful Daddy) I decided to stick with the red theme. As this one also has flowers on, which I am obsessed with... I was sold. 

Secondly, what really caught my attention about the star charm is the cut out holes and this unusual feature made it stand out. My sister has always been obsessed with stars as well, this reminded me of her so I bought it :) 

Thankyou mr credit card for allowing me to spend such a silly amount on two beads... I look forward to using you for the same purpose in America, where I am hoping that they have some big apple related beauties. 

Do any of my wonderful followers have a pandora (or similar!!!), what are yourfavourite beads? 

Monday, 7 May 2012


 So I finally bought a few items from the "MUA" range, which everyone seems to be going crazy about. I'm completely jumping on the IHEARTMUA bandwagon, it's incredible! Each item is only a pound, which is brilliant value for the very high quality off each product!

Lipstick in Shade 3. 

This lipstick lasts FOREVER. I applied it in the morning and by midday it was only just in need of a top up, and that was without lipcote on top! 
It's quite shiny, but it highly pigmented. 

 Eyeshadow in Shade 12- Pearl. 

The swatched sample is applied on top of Urban Decays eyeshadow primer in Sin. 

BUY THEIR EYESHADOW. It's a hell of a lot better than any mid range product i've tried and a rival for the high end products I crave. It applies on evenly and in a single coat. It has a nice metalic sheen, looking a little grey or brown in different lights. With a primer underneath it can look dramatic and intense or without, it can be part of a day to day smokey eye look. 

Head down to superdrug for this amazing range now! I'll sure be off to get a few more bits and bobs from them asap. 


Sunday, 6 May 2012

midnight walk.

Me and my sister.
On the 15th June, me and my sister, Laura, will be taking part in the midnight walk for the cotswold care hospice. Last christmas, Lauras best friend lost her Mum to a brain tumour that this time last year she didn't even know she had. 

As I'm sure you can all imagine, this was incredibily tough for her Mum and the family. The care and support that the Cotswold Care Hospice provided was beyond vital for them all as it allowed Alices Mum to remain living at home, spending her last few months with her loved ones. This organisation is invaluable to the community and an incredibily worth while cause. 

If you would like to sponsor Laura and I, please do so by clicking this link: We will be out there doing the 5k walk in our bright pink PJS no matter how big or small the amount we raise, so please remember every little helps :). 

A massive THANKYOU!!! to anyone who does sponsor us. 


Charity starts by turning the work place into a beach.

To be specific, charities that are set up by the company that you work for...begin by turning your work place into a beach. Well not a beach. Hawaii. And not so much the work place, but the staff members.... into Hula girls, even the boys. So basically the title of this blog is a lie which doesn't feel like the best starting place for a charitable blog. 
Never the less it is for charity and it is for a worthy cause.

I work for Costa Coffee, It is neither a job that I like or a job that I even particularly WANT at times. However it is a job that pays actual money, not monopoly money... and unfortunately I have a serious shopping habit (Yes, yes, I know I was meant to stop shopping, but then things started to go wrong and I realised that actually spending the money that I earn on items that DO make me happy is not a bad thing!). 

However I guess I am the end of the chain for the employees of Costa Coffee, everything that all the employees higher than me (manager area manager, regional manager; higher level management, CEOs etc etc) and all the employees that work to get the products to my store... but are on the same slave wage as me (so delivery drivers, those who work in the factories etc etc) are all working to the same effect: To get money through the till, to line the pockets of the investors and to boost the profitibility of the brand. Thats it. All the raspberry and almond bakes, soya lattes and biscottis all go back to making a profit for the company big wigs. 

But when you stop and think about it, Costa is a coffee shop. The most important element of the shop in order to have any popularity.... It's the Mocha Italia blend that we are all so proud of. The beginning of the line and the first and foremost important members of the Costa family are those who live in the regions that grow our coffee. The people of Uganda, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and more. 

These areas are often stricken with poverty and poor living conditions. 

Costa obviously has realised the importance of these people and set up the COSTA FOUNDATION, which raises money and is used to build schools in the coffee growing areas. These schools are obviously important for the teaching of the children, they also provide teaching jobs and provide a safe and secure environment for the children to eat. Most importantly, by being in school these children are able to remain children for that little bit longer.

So today we donned our grass skirts and garlands and spent the day chatitng up the customers and making sure that they were all aware of the mighty charity which we are getting behind. Charity does begin at home, it begins in our hearts. I have no idea how much we managed to raise, but the bucket was looking pretty heafty by the end of the day....! THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE ROAD for our charity organisation though, for the next 9 weeks we will try and raise as much money as possible in order to do our bit. 

I'll make sure to keep you posted on how we do :)