Sunday, 16 December 2012

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream first entered my radar when I was about 10. I used to love to read the books from the 'teenagers only' section. One of them was about a new york socialite who had moved to L.A. I remember she offered a girl her tube of Eight Hour Cream because it fixed everything. This 'fixing anything' knowledge has stayed with me since this long ago vague memory from a novel & I have always had this miracle style opinion of the product. 

Despite having very good faith on the validity of this wonder product, I only bought it last week. After perusing trying to find a christmas present for my step mum, I came across a duo pack for 12.75. It seemed like a really good deal, but on closer inspection you are paying the same price per ml as you would buying the full sized product. However having two small bottles is useful as one can live in my bag and one can live with my other beauty products at home. 

Onto the product itself, firstly... It isn't a cream!! This literally blew my mind as I had such a strong impression of it in my mind from a young age. It is actually quite waxy and similar in texture to vaseline. On inspection of the ingredients this is mainly as it is made using petrolatum aka.. vaseline. It has a much thinner consistency though and a much nicer smell. The product doesn't quite sink into the skin and forms more of a barrier that a moisturiser yet it doesn't completely sit on top of the skin either. 

It can pretty much be used anywhere where a little love is needed, i've used it on my hands after dog walking, on blisters, on a burn on my finger, on sore lips and nose. Everytime the area has felt instantly nourised and soothed. I have also been using it on my face before applying makeup- This works for me as I have very dry skin on my cheeks but would probably be a bit too heavy for someone with normal or oily skin. 

So is it worth the hype? I'd say so. This isn't some instant wonder product that we all love for a few months and then move on. This has been a staple of skin care since 1930. It's longevity is a testiment to it's quality and I hope that this will become my winter skin saver. If your skin suffers during the cold months I would definitely recommend it to you too. 

From here on out, I will be the girl handing out Eight Hour Cream as a 'fixes everything' cure to other girls in the bathroom, as a fictional character did all those years ago. 


  1. Lovely post, 8 hour cream is such a great multipurpose product x

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    1. aw bless you, thank you for following :) x


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