Monday, 1 October 2012

Getting soapy. How I clean my makeup brushes.

Everyone who has ever met me will know that I love makeup, to the point of beyond slight obsession and into scary territory. It's all well and good having great makeup that suits your skin tone, but it is also important to have good tools to apply it. 
With great brushes comes great responsibility. If you don't wash them, you will be kicking yourself in the head (metaphorically) again and again. Basically, your brushes pick up dirt oil and bacteria, like a babies sticky lolly on the car floor. You wouldnt stick the lolly back in babies mouth, so keep your brushes in a cup & wash them every week. Your makeup will last longer, look better, you'll have less breakouts and prolong their life. 

On a weekly basis I give them the following deep clean: 

Firstly, you need to start with a sink of clean soapy lukewarm water. You use hot water, your brushes die. fact. (honestly, the glue will weaken and they will shed everywhere). I use a couple of pumps of handsoap, and you're ready to go. 

Next... just chuck all your brushes in. Don't be precious about it, just get them in there to have a good soak. This will help to soften any dried makeup, making the actually cleaning part easier!

Next, I just put a blob of hand soap (this one is orange and ginger, yum!) into the palm of my hand and just buff the brush into it, once I think most of the makeup is out... I rinse it under the cold tap. Rinse and repeat if needed. 

 Instead of handsoap you can buy special brush soap or use baby shampoo. If you have very sensitive skin then I would reccommend using one of these options. If, like me, your skin isn't very fussy... then handsoap does the job perfectly (and everyone has soap in their house).

Once they're clean, I lie them on a clean flannel where they stay until they are dry. Synthetic brushes dry in about 12 hours, natural brushes dry in 24. It is important to wait until they are dry or you will ruin your lovely powders.

Your water shouldn't get dirtier that this. If it does, CHANGE YOUR WATER. please.

This is my standard look once finished!!! So wear something you don't mind getting covered in makeupy water.

On a daily basis I give them a quick clean using this bare minerals quick change spray: 

 I simply spray onto a clean cotton wool pad and then buff the brush straight into it. It cleans the product off really quickly and dried instantly so you can use the brush again straight away. For only eight quid, this is a definite must buy.

Is brush cleanliness important to you? 



  1. I'm so bad for cleaning my brushes - I always plan to do it but never do! This has given me a much needed reminder though so I'll get on it soon :) xx

    1. Likewise! I'm never sure how often you're meant to do it xx


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