Saturday, 8 September 2012


1. Bag 2. Jumper 3. Underwear 4. Chelsea Boots  5. Lippy 6. scarf 7. dress 8. Ciate Polish
 All linked.

This week i'm feeling quite wintery, even though it's about 30 degrees outside. It is september god damn it, I am no longer craving the heat and now I want to snuggle up in bed in a giant jumper and slippers. On Friday, I wore a huge jumper to work with the hopes of it being all icy out. Turns out we sunbathed in the park & I sweltered all day. 

However that isn't going to stop my cravings for wine coloured jumpers with grey wool boots. So up until it becomes appropriately frosty, I will just have to lust from afar. 

My week has been particularly exciting, but I'm not quite ready to let you in on what is going on in Poppy Land. So how about you tell me what you have been up to and what you are currently wishing for? 


  1. Love the jumper and the scarf! :) I'm currently wishing for a pair of Doc Martens! xo

    1. Oh a pair of Docs would be gorgeous for this winter, I hope the shoe fairy brings you some :) xxx

  2. Waaah, I want some new undies- they're so lush! I love the colour theme of everything you've chosen too as a big fan of grey and also wine (both as a colour and a beverage) haha xx

    1. I love matching sets, these ones are so gorgeous- I keep thinking about them!
      I think these are going to be my colours for the season, also accompanied by a large glass of red.. mmm! xxx


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