Sunday, 23 September 2012

what i'm listening to

The Vaccines, The Killers, Brand New, Temper Trap, Bastille, The Script, Pure Love, Florence and The Machine, Of Monsters and Men.
1.The Vaccines, Come of Age.
This latest offering from the Vaccines is definitely a step towards adult hood, with more grown up beats that 'what did you expect..?'. Whilst still retaining the light hearted beats that we got used to. At points it screams Maximo Park, but it is undeniably them all over. It's an album for those of us who still feel the need to have a dance, whilst being able to maintain an adult conversation. 
Listen to if you like: (Indie Pop!!!) The Courteeners, Maximo Park, The Maccabees etc. 
My personal highlight: No Hope. 

2. The Killers, Battle Born. 
Yesterday on facebook, my Dad boldly described this as "The follow up to Joshua Tree" (referencing the U2 album if anyone missed that!). Now I'm not sure if I would agree with that, mainly as I'm not a massive U2 fan... To me it sounds like The Killers doing what The Killers do best. It is definitely a good album and bound to make their mark on the 2012 album list. 
Listen to if you like: Everything else The Killers have produced... and er U2. apparently.
My personal highlight: I haven't got that far yet. I just keep listening to it all the way through. (so it's all a highlight? I don't know). 

3. Brand New, Daisy. 
Okay, so this isn't a new one- but Brand New haven't released a new one and I haven't stopped listening to Brand New. Who I love, because they make some insanely moody music and sometimes when I feel like a healthy dose of adult angst (regularly) then they hit the spot, over and over. 
 Listen to if you like: GlassJaw, 30 Seconds to Mars (the good bits), Funeral For A Friend, Taking Back Sunday. 
My personal highlight: At The Bottom.  

4. The Temper Trap. 
Ah another golden oldie, that layout of cd covers was badly planned. But they have some glorious songs and you've probably already heard them. But go and listen againandagainandagain. 
Listen to if you like: Passion Pit, The XX
My personal highlight: Fader. 
I'm in a transit, floating stranded on this boat, and I pledge myself alliegance to a better nights sleep at home.

5. Bastille.
If you like catchy beats and gentle dance songs with rock undertones then listen to Bastille. If that sounds like a rediculously over complicated way of describing something, listen to Bastille. If you don't know how to pronounce it (is it Bast-eel or Bast-Ill?) then listen to Bastille. 
Listen to if you like: Spector, Foxes, Alex Clare, Beach House. 
My personal highlight: Bad Blood.   

6. The Script #3 
Every time I think of Danny O'Donaghue... my knickers fall off. That isn't even an understatement. The amount of beauty that man has should be illegal and I worry for his safety if I ever bump into him. Right, now i've got that off my chest: album review. So this album is quite mainstream and in many ways safe, but it is full of really good beats and it is featuring which is always a bonus. I personally adore The Script and think it has been the best album that they have bashed out so far. 
Listen to if you like: Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, Owl City, Scouting for Girls (and other not to serious bands) 
My personal highlight: either Hall of Fame or Six Degrees of Seperation. I CANT DECIDE.

7. Pure Love 
Right, If you google them and think 'I recognise that ginger prick' thats because the lead singer is Frank Carter. Aka Frank Carter previously from the punk band Gallows. In Gallows he was a spitting, screaming, veiny lout who I absolutely could not stand. In Pure Love, he seems to have softened up. They are still on the heavy side of the indie pop that their name hints to and they still sit in alt rock. But their tunes are very listenable and are far more mainstream than Gallows (who I believe are still going strong minus Carter). 
Listen to if you like: Gaslight Anthem, Foo Fighters, Against Me. 
My personal highlight: Handsome Devils Club.   

8. Florence and the Machine. 
I'm going to make an outrageous statement and say that I think that this is better than her first album. I know. Bold. But it has less filler in my opinion. Either way, expect big vocals long notes and the earthy feel that Flo emulates. If you liked her first album, you'll love her second one. 
Listen if you like: Two Door Cinema Club, Kate Nash. 
My Personal Highlight: Shake It Out. 

9. Of Monsters and Men, My Head Is An Animal.
This band is going to be huge, every time I listen to them I get a little brim of excitement over how big they are going to be. They bring this brilliant twist to indie pop and the duality of male and female voices give this gorgeous mix to their voice. And the male voice has a voice like butter that makes me want to jump into bed with him.
Listen to if you like: Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, Temper Trap.
My personal highlight: Little Talks (sorry, I know it's the single but its my favourite!)   

What are you listening to at the moment?



  1. Oooh I'm definitely downloading The Vaccines!! If you like them, you should give The Rifles a listen :).

    This is a really cool post xx

  2. Yes yes yes! LOVE The Vaccines, The Killers (my favourite band) and Of Monsters & Men most of all! :) xo

  3. I seen The Vaccines, Florence + The Machine at Leeds fest this year and they were amazing! I'm loving Of Monsters & Men and the moment :D

    Just Smile.


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