Thursday, 20 September 2012

Looking sexy in the office- a guest post from Karys

Technically I should still be sat in my office, but a combination of a migraine and fever means that I am actually in bed! Hopefully I'll be back to full health by tomorrow and work and study can continue as normal. Today, I have the gorgeous Karys from Who Is Grumble Beard? here to show you here insanely stylish way of dressing for work. I was super excited to read it as it turns out she also works in a university!! Personally, I feel the ultra glam students make me want to dress better, but recently i've been stuck in a long sleeve/cardi/plain trousers rut- Karys has given me inspiration though and on payday I am going to go scouring for some quircky items. Poppy xxxx
I sit writing this with a banana split in my belly (so good) and a cup of tea at my side. Today was the first day back at term and for many students that could be stressful, but as an employee of a University College I can safely say start of term is much worse for us, someone please pass me the wine and chocolate!
I love my job. I work in student support and financial welfare, and I feel proud to work for the institution I do. But one of the major plusses of my job is this, I get to go shopping under the guise of buying 'work wear'.
Today I am guest posting to bring you my favourite work wear outfits and pieces I just love. I spend my days wearing tailored pieces and even before I was a 'working professional' I used to live in well cut items, and rarely did 'casual' (she says as typing wearing a big fluffy dressing gown). Now I get to wear my favourite kind of clothes every day, and so I like to dress 'Business Karys' and look as what I would refer to as 'so pro'.

Top 7 shirt and jacket combos (one for each day of the week...shhh I don't work weekends)

  1. Kimono Jacket (Oasis) and Blush Blouse with Black Collar (Dorothy Perkins)
Light Pink Suit Jacket (New Look) and Pleated Bow Blouse (Topshop)
 Black and White Suit Jacket (Primark bargain) and Print Blouse (Zara)
 Suit Jacket (Marks and Spencers) and Black and White Sheer Blouse (New Look)

Tweed Blazer (New Look) and Swan Print Shirt (ASOS)

Navy Suit Jacket (H&M) and Yellow Chiffon Blouse (New Look)
 Dove Print Blazer (H&M) and Cream and Black Blouse (Forever 21)
As a bonus, here is something I love at the moment; it’s a fake silk scarf, although I would like to save for a nicer one which is pure silk. I saw the idea in a magazine and fell in love with it. I went out and got a scarf the same day and it looks great tucked into a shirt at work, and equally in a denim shirt out of office hours.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my work wardrobe, and I would love to see all your favourite pieces on the ‘Business’ versions of yourselves!


  1. Aw i have a migraine fever yet though. but am feeling AWFUL..need my bed so bad :(
    Loved this guest post though :)

    1. hope you feel better soon gorgeous girl! x

  2. I work in a Uni too. Although many of my colleagues wear jeans to work, I just can't. I believe in dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. It also shows that you take your work seriously and want to project a professional image. Jealous of all your blazers. I love me a blazer!

    1. LETS ALL FORM A BRILLIANT UNI WORKERS CLUB. I never wear jeans to work, I'd feel far too casual- I rarely wear them anyway!

      Poppy xxx


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