Saturday, 29 September 2012

I put my new shoes on and everything will be alright.

Boots by Very

Hey blogging world, I'm back. 


It's been three weeks of pure misery and FINALLY on thursday evening I submitted a very poorly written essay. This also means that my module is complete and I never have to think of generic humanites for a while- something which I am really glad of as it really began to drag and I just didn't want to do it anymore! But it has GONE and the next module doesn't start for 2 weeks which means I get a couple of weeks of catching up on tv, reading a mountain of novels which I had to put to one side for a while, seeing friends and generally trying to recharge my worn out batteries! Hopefully thhe motivation and energy will be back to full peak soon. 

I bought these lovely boots from as a little treat to myself for powering through and getting it done, when often I felt like giving up! Firstly, I must say that Very really do have the best delivery service. I ordered at 7pm on the Thursday and they arrived before Friday lunchtime! The leather is faux, something which I personally prefer (I don't eat meat and I don't want to wear their skin) but looks real and seems of good quality! I can imagine myself wearing these with a girly little skater dress and massive knitted jumper. 

I also bought the NARS foreplay palette which I have been craving for far too long, But that hasn't arrived yet.

I don't have much to catch you up on from my life, it's been a bit full on with the essay and apart from not sleeping and crying from stress, not alot has happened. So instead how about you all tell me what you have been doing?



  1. Well done on finishing the essay :D I loveee your boots! I am also starting to stress about my work eeeek!

    1. thank you maria! So glad it's gone, just waiting for the results now! good luck with your work hope it all goes well xxxxxx

  2. Well done of finishing your essay and welcome back to blogging! Good to have you back! Great boots, fab delivery time too!

    Karys x

    1. Thank you gorgeous, relaxing has never felt this good :) I couldn't believe the delivery time- made me a very happy girl! xxx


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