Thursday, 6 September 2012

Current product love.

Opi- I'm all ears. (Part of the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection for Opi)
This polish has been on my nails consistantly, normally I change every couple of days... but this is just too good. It's gorgeous deep pink is complimented with flecks of blue and silver to give it a unique shimmer. It reminds me a little of "fantasy fire" as it has that edge that you don't quite expect. Like all Opi nail lacquers, it lasts forever & has a gorgeous sheen to it- it doesn't even really need a top coat.

Deep Cleansing Oil- DHC (glossybox)
 Okay, When I opened this months glossybox.. this didn't stand out to me and I didn't think that I would be using it. An oil to wash your face...really?!


Literally three drops of this bad boy and all your makeup has been eaten up. I don't know where it goes, it's genuine out of hogwarts magic- Panda eyes are a thing of the past. It smells great and is so effective. Also, as it is an oil, I have noticed that my face (awkwardly typed bum instead of face.. I do not rub this on my arse) has felt as soft as a babies behind for the last few weeks. Its lasting really well- less than a 5th of this small bottle has gone!

So all in all, it makes your skin feel gorgeous, it last the extra mile AND it works. bonus. 

Lush- Helping Hands hand cream
This smells effing rank. It has camomile in it so it smells a bit like cat pee, but if you can look (smell) past that then it is a glorious product. You can feel it sinking straight into your skin and you get instant benefits. It lasts a good 4 hours before I feel like I need to reapply. If like me you're a huge moisturiser fan, i'd definitely recommend this one! It also comes in a squeezy tube for added convenience. 

I like to use this in a glove overnight- it leaves your hands feeling like butter!

Bare Minerals double ended face and eye brush. Mac 168 Contour Brush.
Surprisingly, brushes that aren't realtechniques have made it into my favourites! These are both rather new but I haven't put either of them down since getting them. 

Bare minerals Brush- I feel that the corse hairs on the 'face' end are perfect for bare minerals mineral veil. It picks up the mineralised powder better than a synthetic brush and evenly buffs it in. I use the 'eye' end to actually apply mineral veil on top on concealer to hold it in place!

Mac brush- this is my first brush from mac as they are quite expensive, but I have a lovely step mum who bought it for me as a present. I've been using it with Nars laguna bronzer and I love it. The bristles are lovely and soft and not a single one has shedded. I'm going to look after this baby.

Illamasqua translucent powder.
 This product is my absolute pride and joy. It is a translucent powder, don't be put off by the fact it is bright white! I was served by a girl with middle eastern origin and she assured me she uses this on a daily basis. So basically it isn't going to give you ghost face! 
It is very light and buffs in like a dream, it doesn't need reapplying throughout the day and keeps moisture and shine away. You will come throughh the door looking as good as you did when you left. 
 IT ALSO SMELLS LIKE PUDDING. Seriously, it is so vanilla-ry that it may be offputting to some but personally I like getting a whiff of it throughout the day and knowing that my face smells great and looks great (vain).

Three Minute Miracle Reconstructor
Dear Aussie, thank you for saving my barnet from having a chop. Honestly, this had restored all health into my hair- from worn out limp and split, it is now vivacious and full of life again. I'm currently using it as a normal conditioner as my hair needs all the help it can get. It smells devine too. 
Basically, everyone ever, buy this. 



I had some seriously high hopes for this product, as I love my bottle of argan oil. However this is just a terrible, terrible product. It completely dried my hair out and made it so static. 

You know when you put conditioner on it the shower, your hair feels super buttery whilst you rinse it off? It didn't do that. It felt horrible and stiff and dry. Seriously, 59p Wilko conditioner is genuinely & these were 6.99 each!! This is one to avoid. 

What have you been enjoying this month? What do you think I should try? 

I apologise for the shite quality of photos in this post. I used my Iphone as I was too lazy to get the SLR out!



  1. love the look of the cleansing oil (haha bum ;])
    and the powder!
    i'm always on the lookout for a good powder!
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  2. I love the DHC cleansing oil, i got it in Glossybox too & I was skeptical but I adore it. I need the full size as soon as it runs out


  3. I love reading your blog poppy!!
    I found exactly the same with the moroccon oil shampoo...I have NEVER had a shampoo dry out my hair like that did!! YUCK!

    1. aw thanks lovely :)
      I know it's hideous isn't it! And so expensive :( I had to throw away half a bottle of each and I have literally never thrown away shampoo and conditioner before! xxxxxx


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