Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Neals Yard Remedies- Rose Water Toner

Neals Yard Remedies- Rehydrating Rose Toner 200ml 15.00GBP

As you know, I have recently got a new job. As a benefit from my previous employment, we had "reward" site. I had about 80 pounds of credit on this site and NOTHING in particular that I wanted to buy. So I stocked up on some beauty products- This is one of those items. 

Their website can be found here
They are a UK brand, founded in the eighties in Convent Garden. This was a time when many of the big brands were not thinking about including quality ingredients in their skin care ranges and instead focused on a maximum profit based ethos. Those at Neals Yard Remedies didn't agree with this and instead delivered products based on Apothecary and Holistic ideals. Skip forward 20 years and this is still the core of their ethics, adding organic and locally sourced ingredients into their products along the way.
 They have shops all over the UK (I was pleased to discover that their is a shop in my home town!) and overseas including the USA, Mexico, Belgium, Australia, Japan and many more.

 This gorgeous little product is a toner, specifically for dry and sensitive skin. As you all know my skin has a habit to act like a new york taxi driver (er irrational, irritable and unpredictable- rubbish analogy) and can be as dry as the desert. So every drop of nutrition and goodness is like a glass of wine at the end of the day (appreciated? I'll stop with the awful comparisions now). 

The smell is gorgeous, it smells just like fresh roses. This may seem a little obvious as it's "rose water" but more often than not, floral beauty products just smell generically floral and artificial... This smells like you've buried your face is a nice pink rose.

It is a water and I apply it to my skin with cotton wool and do not rinse off. I follow with a moisturiser and it is as easy as that. It isn't oily or greasy but has that nice "nectarish" quality that petals have. (I really hope you know what I mean!)

It isn't at all harsh (before I have always used cliniques clarifying lotion and have found that has an awful burning quality). At first I was worried that this lack of acidity would mean that it wouldn't do an effective job of removing dirt and dead skin cells and purifying the skin. It does though, it leaves me looking dewy! (like a rose! haha! I am not funny at all am I?) 

There is no flaws to this product, it suits my skin, it is packaged beautifully and it is inexpensive. I will buy and buy again.
 I'm also looking forward to perusing their shop next time I am in town- they look like they have a lovely makeup range!



  1. Great review! I love the idea of a 'reward' site, I wish we had one!

    1. thankyou very much lovely :)
      It was a good idea, but in practise there wasn't too much on there that I actually wanted- hence why I had a lot stacked up on there!


  2. I'm a big fan of Neal's Yard, I use their moisturises (rose and mallow I think) which is great too :) xx

  3. oooh this sounds lovely! x

  4. I absolutely adore Neal's Yard as a brand, they have such a gorgeous range of products with such amazing ingredients I don't mind paying that little bit extra - have to admit, I haven't tried this one yet, though, but will definitely be purchasing it, as I have NY taxi driver skin, too haha xx

    1. skin care is also something that i'm really happy to splash out on, you have to look after the money maker haha! let me know how you get on with it, calm buddha skin is the aim xxx

  5. i've seen quite a few good reviews on this, definitely need to give it a try! x


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