Saturday, 11 August 2012

My Mini Maxi.

Entire Outfit- New Look. Obsessed?!

So being a slightly pathetic five foot three (actually typed that as free. oh man), I've been mega missing out on the maxi trend that has been massive in summer apparell for the last few years. This has been absolutely heart breaking for me as the idea of swishing around in a floor length dress just hits the spot of fabulousness. I longed to feel loose material waving around my ankles and to create the illusion of legs that went up past my tits. But it didn't seem like it was to be, Maxi dresses are always taller than me when I hold them up, appearing like wedding dresses with elongated trains. And i'm not ready to walk down the aisle, figurative or not. The idea of looking like a glambob on the beach with the wind in my hear appeals, not tripping over my 6ft tall skirt. 

This is when I happened to find the most glorious skirt in New Look. The royal blue felt charming and British and I wanted it so badly. And it was in the childrens section. I did a quick hold up and it actually fell to ankle length. Not ankles plus five inches. So I picked it up in a few different ages- just to see what I was working with. Hilariously, an age 12 fits perfectly. 

From now on I will definitely be perusing the kids sections for long skirts and dresses, I don't care if they were designed to be worn at birthday parties with jelly and icecream or nights out on the town- I have never felt so grown up as I do in my kiddy skirt. 


What do you think? Do I look like glamoursorous rex or toddler in her mums clothes? Would you browse an alternative section to fit your bodys needs?



  1. I have the exact opposite problem- I'm a fraction of an inch six foot, and so pretty much all "maxi" things are inevitably mid-shin length. I wish I was more your height so much- at least you have the kids section (the skirt from which looks v. fetching just fyi)! xx

    1. do you know what I have NEVER thought about it that way, I guess anyone who isn't 5"7 and a size 8-16 struggles really xx

  2. Who cares if it's from the kids section, you still look beaut!

    I'd definitely shop in different sections if it fit my body shape (which, by the way, is much too big for anything from the kids section!)

    Looking lovely :) x

    1. thank you gorgeous! it's worth having a check isn't it, I have a top from the tall section that I wear as dress too :)Sometimes its about looking at things through different eyes xxx

  3. gorgeous outfit!


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