Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Here is what I carry in my handbag

A popular blog post from this week is the handbag contents. Inspired by the competition from GlossyBox and instagram to win a whole load of goodies. 

I've been loving the blogs you girls have been putting up- I'm such a nosey bastard that getting to dive in and out of other peoples bags has been a delight. It's hilarious how we all seem to haul around everything but the kitchen sink- I am definitely guilty of that. 

My bag is currently a mix of day to night as it has all my work stuff in as well as my makeup which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to lift- good job I can dump it on the floor of the office all day. 

The stupidest thing in there is probably my passport, I had to scan it in at work about three weeks ago and I haven't bothered removing it since. I should probably store it away. 

The most useful thing in there is without a doubt my makeup bag (such a cheat- there's so much in there it doesn't even close). I hate to be too far from a bit of lippy and concealer. 

My can't live without is my iPhone. I love the iPad, but being able to use the iPhone on the go is an absolute godsend and I can't fault it. LAV YA.

ps- to all my lovely followers who left kind words on my last blog post. Thank you so, so, much. You words have helped me an indefinite amount and I am so grateful for the support. I am sleeping a bit better and trying to work out some chill time. but just... thankyou. truely.


  1. I am so nosey and these are my favourite type of blog post... I love your purse :)


  2. found your blog through rachel, newest follower :) i also happen to LOVE having a nose in people's handbags, so i know i am going to be a regular follower of your blog :) xxx

    1. yey, I love new followers! Rachels blog is great isn't it? I'm a huge fan of hers.
      I look forward to seeing you around on here :) xx

  3. Great post :) I love reading these, the pattern on your handbag is pretty too :) x


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