Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Work attire #2

Top- Very
Trousers- Topshop
Bracelet- Pandora
Necklace- Fallen Saint

Good afternoon my lovely ladies (and any way ward gentlemen, what a glorious afternoon it is. I've spent the last hour baskin in the sunshine, wearing the shortest shorts and crop top to get as much vitamin D as possible. What is it about the sun that is such a brilliant mood lifter? I'm assuming it has something to do with its ability to have me writhing around wearing little to nothing.I'm looking a little rosy but it makes a nice change from deathly pale. 

So this is what I wore for work today!! After the torrential rain we had last week, I was a little unprepared for the beautiful sunshine so hadn't arranged myself with a sensible summer wardrobe (rookie error). I went for my black trousers as they're baggy and lightweight- I need to get myself some nice linen ones. And this beautiful silk top from very, this morning I was appreciating it's baggy quality and was looking forward to having the wind sail straight down, but by about 11am I was just getting annoyed that it was falling off my shoulders. So if you are thinking about getting this top, bear in mind the sizes run big- I got an 8 and wish I had got a 6!!! 

I do apologise for the lack of reflection of the weather in this post, I got some quick photos in before I went to work because I knew my hair would not survive down all day. (it was up by 9.15!!). Tomorrow i'll try and get up ten minutes earlier to rush into the great outdoors to get snaps. (I say this now- I bet I either don't get up early, or use this time to apply more makeup!). 

Now i'm gonig to get back to dipping my toes in water and feeling the sunshine on my face!! Remember, drink plenty of water and be skinsmart- use protection!!!!


  1. Ah so jealous of your sunshine! There's none, only rain where I am, although today I was a little luckier and managed to find some a bus journey away. I love your top on here, v summery, and your necklace is fab! Oh and thank you for your red velvet advice on my last post, I'll start saving for that trip to America (; xx

  2. oh my goodness, you are SO lovely! and i love your hair :)
    i just got back from a little vacation to my cabin -- i got SO much sun. ahhh i seriously look like i switched ethnicities from white to native american in a matter of 4 days. ha ha! but you're right -- vitamin D IS a total mood booster, and it's really excellent for your skin. i take cod liver oil capsules daily to keep my tan going longer and my skin looking/feeling healthy. it seriously makes a difference -- who knew???


  3. Love your top! It's great for summer.




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