Friday, 6 July 2012

What She Did. #1

This is my sisters dog, Bella. She has no relevance to this blog but she's so gorgeous! Look!
This has been another one of those awfully busy weeks that has kept me from my study, my blog and my social life. But so much happened, it's insane. 

1. I started my new job. 
 On Wednesday. It was literally the most terrifying thing and I was so nervous in the morning. I woke up every twenty minutes from 3am thinking it was time to get up... When it came around to it though I got up twenty minutes late and had a manic panic rush to get ready. I kept the outfit simple, A white blouse, black trousers and a pink cardigan. I think I looked cute, but I was far too panicked to take an outfit post... maybe next week I'll do a round up of everything I wore that week and let you all judge as to how well i'm pulling off office chic. 
 I'm struggling through at the moment, trying really hard to make it look like i'm doing whereas a lot of the time.. I'm really not too sure. I had to ask my line manager today why, when I dialled a number, it wasn't working.... I'd forgotten to put in the code to dial out. I felt like such a muppet, must have gone bright red! I haven't made any massive mistakes yet though... But it has only been three days so there is plenty of time!

2. That means I'm leaving costa on sunday.
 Oh man, I've worked for Costa forever and I really love it. Thats a lie, I secretly hate it so much but I know the job so well and I absolutely adore my manager so I think I'll be really sad to leave... I'll probably post a round up of the highs and lows, the good times, the different stores and everything that will probably make me go "wah, I don't want to leave". But this is a good thing. 

3. My Dads dog moved to the UK today. 
She is a beautiful Puggle called Roxy (not the doggy in the picture- that would have made sense!) and they got her from a rescue shelter in America 6 months after they moved over which was 2 1/2 years ago! As they're about to go on the trip of their lives (seriously I am brimming with jealousy. they'e doing seattle, hawaii and a few weeks doing the west coast in a VW camper van) That meant Roxy Roo had to come home without them!! It's lovely to have her here- and excited for my Dad to finally move home. 

4. I am all shopped out. 
For the first time in my life I literally have no will or money to spend this week! I was planning on doing an "empties" post soon enough... But I have so much stuff that none of it is anywhere near empty so I just can't justify adding to my beauty collection at the moment! I have a wardrobe full of tagged clothes at the moment- new work clothes, I haven't gone mad! So up untill I go shopping with my lovely friend Nat at the end of the month... The purse strings are tightly closed! (that is bar the beautiful minnie mouse ring I have on order!)

So as you can imagine, the transition from one job to another has just eaten away at my time and I'm currently on day 7/14 in a row! I had an essay due in today that I didn't have time to start untill 2pm this afternoon- Literally the worst thing I have ever written in my life. 

So thats what I'm up to, What have you all been doing with yourself? 

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