Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What I Wore: Work Edition #1

 Top and cardigan - New Look 
Trousers- Topshop

 sneaky peak at my work badge- I didn't want to get in trouble so I covered any of the vital details- Look at the awful mug shot though!

Dress- Apricot
Tights- M&S
Bag- Primark 
Shoes New Look 

So I promised a weeks worth of work clothes, I managed to get  two days worth before the camera battery died- Never fear I have an adaptor now so all should return to normal. 

I felt quite comfortable in the dress- going to have to get some more although I do find that wearing tights to work is a bit of a pain- I spend half the day trying to keep them up! I had my first bad encounter at work as well this week. I had to take some paper work up to the vice chancellors office (aka the very top dog!) and the assistant was so mean. She glared at me for a good 30 seconds whilst I stood explaining when I needed doing- Then she walked into his office and said "there's a girl outside who wants something signed. She seems nice but not very thick skinned like some of the rest" Then they both laughed for a good solid minute. Never wanted to curl up under my desk and hide more. 

So I do apologise if i'm a bit thin skinned- hopefully not so thin you can see straight through into my insides in the photos! 

How do you think I did anyway? My office is all quite conservative- can you get away with more casual clothes? or are you restricted by uniforms?



  1. Looking lovely Mrs! Very smart :) I work in an office too (at least when I do when I'm not on maternity leave) so I tend to go for similar outfits. I find that a vast array of cardigans is always helpful lol :) xx

    1. ohhhhh Laura, I need more cardigans!!! I only have 3 at the moment and the rotation of them is becoming a nightmare- I'll have to add them to the pay day wish list. xxxxxxx

  2. I love alllll these outfits haha, I just wish workwear could be worn all the time, even though my uniform for work is rubbish and boring, I like feeling smart (: And that's such an unprofessional thing to say about someone, just show em who's boss (; xx

    1. I agree- I love being smart it makes me feel really good inside. Saying that, nothing beats chilling oout in a pair of leggings and a massive t shirt.
      My line manager just said not to be nice to them in future haha! xxxxx

  3. really lovely dress and satchel bag! you look super pretty even in your "mug shot" hee hee xx


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