Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Treasures in the Post.

I had received a couple of lovely  items in the post this week. The first is my absolute favourite. 

This gorgeous little bracelet was made for me by my very good friend, Lucy. She included a little note with it, to say it was to wish me luck with my new job. How thoughtful! I just think it is so pretty, I only like thin delicate braceletes as chunky ones do my head in. I think this looks lovely with the watch it is photographed with- The watch was a present from my Dad for my 18th birthday. Oh it's  just so lovely. Thank you milllions Luce! 

The second was a gift to myself, via ASOS.

Ring- Minnie Mawi, Disney Couture. 

Minnie Mouse is my absolute favourite Disney character, always has been and anything Minnie I just adore. When I saw this beautiful ring in the ASOS sale for a teeny tiny £9! How brilliant is that. The pearl effect is so pretty, it gives it a different feel to any of my other rings and I will definitely be adding it into my day to day jewellery! 

Sorry for the rubbish, instagram photos- my SLR is currently batteryless.. I seem to have lost the connector for the charger! I'm sure it'll turn up.. I hope.



  1. Love these bits! I know it's not new but my favourite thing is the watch - so classic =)

    1. thankyou! I adore my watch- it's from a local jeweller and is engraved on the back. I wear it all the time, feel weird without it! xx

  2. Ah it's really cute, I love the Disney jewellery too <3 I used to have a Minnie Mouse cuddly toy when I was little, we were inseparable :P xx


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