Friday, 13 July 2012

She's lost control again.

What you see before you is the evidence of the destruction to my poor credit card. This my friends, is the third boots haul of the month... and all of them have been a bit nail polish heavy. The really keen eyed seasoned bloggers will have noticed fantasty fire there at the front. 

Essie in Chinchilly- 7.99
Max Factor in Fantasy Fire- 3.99
Barry M in Chameleon Blue- 3.99
Loreal Elnette Diamond Shine- 3.79
Morroccan Oil Shampoo- 6.99
Morroccan Oil Conditioner- 6.99
Colgate- 2.99 (BORING)

 Boring bits first!! 

Hairspray- This is about the fifth bottle I've ever bought in my life, I use so little of it- it takes about a year to get through one bottle. I tend to just spray plaits or elaborate buns... But seeing as they get done about once a month I don't have much call for it. But Elnett does seem to be the best. Last time I had a gorgeous bottle with Cheryl Cole on. This one isn't as pretty. 

Toothpaste- I am THE fussiest toothpaste user. I have a problem with it. I only use white and "fresh" mint (as opposed to those digusting bicarby ones). I think that if I use a blue or striped then my teeth will get stained. It's irrational but hey, we all have our quirks.

This is far more exciting. I'm giving the Moroccan S&C a go after buying the oil last month. My hair loves it, it feels the best that it has pretty much ever and I tend to take it around with me for dry moments. Hopefully this S&C will make my hair more beautiful than it does now! I'll report back after I give it a go. 

First up- Max Factor Fantasy Fire.
 Okay, this is absolutely MASSIVE in the world of blogging and I've wanted it for so long, but with my old job being a polish free zone... I've never bothered. I wish I had. This is literally the most beautiful shade I have ever used in my life. It is a purple with blue understones and flecks of orange, pink and silver in. It literally looks different in every single light. It is perfect. I love it. I am going to sleep with it on my pillow, it is that special to me. 
Essie in Chinchilly. 
 The angle make my nails look so stubby here! I like this shade it's nice and simple and will look great as a base colour for the vodka nails, or with a nice neon as a statement nail. Or for those days when I want to be an adult in the work place (it could happen).

  Barry M- Blue Chameleon
I'm not sure if I like this. It is a really beautiful blue, which I really like. Then you put a top coat on and it goes a weird brown... I think I need to play around with it and see what it can do. I'll do a review on it properly when this happens. For now I have Fantasy Fire on my nails and I refuse to take it off. 


  1. I've been going a bit nail polish crazy too this month! I really want to try Fantasy Fire and in the bottle Blue Chameleon looks beautiful. It's a shame about the topcoat thing! xxx

  2. I love the essie polish! I also picked up that shampoo and conditioner a few months ago. It really did nothing for my hair! :( Glad it seems to be working for you!!! x


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