Friday, 20 July 2012

my new baby

Gorgeous peach clutch, 26.99- Warehouse. 

I bought this last weekend to use on Saturday night for my friend Shannons birthday. I spotted it in Warehouse and it was just love at first sight. My jaw dropped and I stood staring at it, I couldn't afford it but I needed it. So I bought it and now I can't afford petrol this week- but that isn't important.

It's made from faux leather, this is important to me as I am a vegetarian and I don't want to wear bits of dead animals. The edges are guilded silver and give the bag a nice art deco look I feel, I felt very hepburn in my LBD and this little beauty. 

It's boxy, so there isn't much storage space- it is a night time only bag for definite. To demonstrate, I filled the bag with all the things I always take out with me. Phone, money, keys, bank card, id, nars duo, blush brush and lippy (this one is Pillow Talk- Benefit). It's a bit of squeeze- so leave the kitchen sink at home. 

For all you drunken messes out there (yours truelly included) there is a "secret" strap. The metal clasps (as demonstrated in photo 5) flip down and hide inside the bag so that it can be used as both clutch and shoulder bag. There is also a shorter strap provided in the bag... I would have photographed it, but i lost it. Typical Poppy right there! 

So will any of you be rushing out to buy this? Would you prefer it to have more space in it? What is your perfect going out bag? 



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  2. This clutch is adorable :) I love the peach shade!! I really like your blog! xx


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