Sunday, 15 July 2012

Last night.

So after my first week in an adults job, with an adults working week- I finally got a weekend off work. I haven't had a full weekend off in (without actually booking time off- I think it is well over a year since I got sceduled a weekend off- possibly longer). To be honest I just didn't know what to do with myself. I woke up yesterday at 9.10 and literally went straight into town and into my Costa. Sad, right. 
After buying a few things around town (nothing too crazy I swear, a couple of jumpers and a cleansing lotion- review to come!!) I went home. And sat there. No idea what to do. 

So I rang my sister, and she was getting herself ready to go into town to buy a few things to go out later on it. Did I want to come? sure as hell I did. This time I went a little crazier and bought a really beautiful bag from warehouse. 

I apologise for how awful the selection of outfit photos are, the battery on my DSLR died completely whilst taking them and I still haven't located the adaptor for the charger. So hopefully you can see what I was going for even though the photos are awful. You can never go wrong with an LBD (I got mine over a year ago from New Look) and I teamed it with an oatmeal cardigan, pearl braelets, beige wedhes and my beautiful little bag. Which I will adoring photograph and blog about when I find my adaptor (or failing being able to find it, get another one ordered from Amazon). 

It was a really good night out, all the girls in dresses and heels and all absolutely wasted. I love nights out :) 

I am suffering today though, so part two of my first weekend is spent in bed, with leggings on and messy hair and NO makeup at all. But thats all part of enjoying time off the 9-5 isn't it. 

Oh! and I also blagged myself a free sample of the new YSL foundation and Estee Lauders double wear so I will blog about them as soon as i've been able to give both a good go. I got matched as "fair" in YSL and "shell" in Estee Lauder. I wore YSLs out last night & whilst in the photo I look a bit worse for wear, I think it held up rather nicely! 

How has your weekend been? 



  1. l.o.v.e your nails, the grey and orange look so good together - i'd never think of a combination like that. i'm glad you had a good time out, i'm absolutely craving the opportunity to get dressed up so can't wait for the end of this coming week!

    also poppy, do you use twitter?! xxx

    1. Thankyou very much lovely, I'm gad you like it... the people I went out with couldnt understand why one nail was different!!

      I actually just recreated my twitter after I looked at my old one and it was filled with a lot of bands I no longer listen to and people I don't take to. So out with the old, in with the new. I am @poppy839- I just found you and followed you (and that makes me sound like a stalker!)


  2. I love that bag, I've seen it a couple of times in Warehouse but I have a love/hate relationship with clutches, mainly because I have to carry them around all night under the influence of alcohol which is never a good thing haha! (: xx

    1. Thankyou I have the same, but when I checked inside there is a nice metal strap included (and a spare shorted one!) So I tucked the strap in then after a few glasses of rose cracked it out!!


  3. that bag really is gorrrgeous! and so is your dress, you look lovely :) I'm definitely gonna have to pick some samples up of those foundations too! last time i bought a high end foundation i hadn't tried it before hand and hated it! hah, lovely blog :)xo

    1. oh thankyou gorgeous! I did exactly the same, bought illa masqua skin base- and bought the wrong shade!! this time I did it the sensible way and tested what they matched before I bought :) xxxx


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