Sunday, 8 July 2012

Finally saying good bye to Costa.

Today was my last day at Costa. It was weird to go and I still don't feel like I have left. I've worked there for five years (with a couple of gaps) and it's just so weird to think that I might never actually go in there again expect to get a cup of coffee! 

This was me, when I was 16... about in December 2007, 4 months after I started working there

Back then I worked at the Costa in Waterstones, I was painfully shy and very innocent. I used to be scared to go into work incase my manager would shout at me and I used to hide in the kitchen, hoping noone would notice if I was there. I cried lots at this time in my life at work and was desperately looking for another job... I planned to be out of there by February 2008.

I didn't leave, I stayed and I came out my shell a little bit. I still burst into tears if anyone was mean to me but I learnt to not just take it anymore. I stayed there untill the following december (2008) and then I moved to the St. Oswalds store in Gloucester. 

That is when life got really good. 

There is literally a million memories from St Oswalds, I enjoyed every single day and laughed untill my ribs ached. I could go on all day about how good a time I had at St Oswalds, but I would literally be here all day... So here is the top 5 moments. 

1. The time Elliot served behind the till, with his trousers and boxers off and just his apron on. The amount of effort we put into stopping any of the customers noticing was rediculous... We were laughing so hard that tears were running down our face. From then on we deviced the trouser check... If anyone important was due in... we did a quick check everyone was covered up. 

2. The time we put our Boss, Kelly in a cardboard box, taped it up and left her in the car park for half an hour. She didn't even realise she had been taken outside of the shop!

3. I was once sat in the car with Ollie whilst he was having lunch (it was that much fun there I always went in on my days off!!) and he bit into his sandwich... They had put a tea bag in there, He went mental... and smeared it all over Elliots audi A3. After chasing each other round the car park for a while, they ganged up and covered Dannys bike in syrup. 

4. I once went in to open up and went into the loo, They had rolled up chocolate tiffins and left them in the toilet and around it. I laughed cleared it up and then later asked them why?! Apparently they hadn't left them there for me... They had put them in there the night before so that they looked like poo. Then when someone asked them to clear it up. They picked them up and ate them.... boys. 

5. The time I was sat in the office eating my lunch and I heard "Pop, Pop!" so I turned round and elliot was stood with his trousers and boxers down (AGAIN with a knife sticking out of bum cheeks "can I cut your panini for you?". Similarly, "pop, pop!" so I turned round and he was wearing a pair of bright pink hot pants with gaga written on them "ga-ga ah ah ah". 

I left St Oswalds in April 2010 after having the best couple of years of my life, by now I had completely come out of my shell and was confident and could stand up for myself. No more bursting into tears!! 


Leaving was sad, But I was going travelling, then on to cardiff for uni so it was the right thing to do!

When I moved to Cardiff, I got a job in the shop at the Moto station at cardiff west. 

The amount I hated being in Cardiff was very strong and for most parts going to work was my favourite bit. But I was only there about four months then I moved back home. 

And started working in the stroud store. Stroud was some seriously bad times, I hated every single day so the less said about that the better. 

Then my old boss (the little blonde in the photos from st oswalds) called me up, she had taken over the Waterstones store where I started out and she wanted me to come back to work for her. And that is where I have been for the last year. 

I can pretty much map my road to adult hood as to where I was with Costa. In so many ways it has helped me become the person I am and I am so glad I didn't leave after a few months. But now it is time to leave, I've outgrown in. I'm going to miss having a million laughs a day- But I guess this is growing up.


  1. Ahhh sounds like you had a good time there and made some great friends. But....onwards and upwards as they say :)

    Good luck in your new job xx

  2. Aw it's always sad to leave behind a company that's meant so much to you.
    Good luck moving on though =)


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