Sunday, 10 June 2012

Highlines, New York.

Oh gosh it has been like a month nearly since I left for America, time certainly flies when you're having fun & it's just been manic since I've been back! Today we're going to go almost a month back in time and visit the High Lines in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan, New York. 

Day two of our visit was slightly better weather, over cast and muggy as anything, but it was dry and it was nice to walk around in. We once again managed to brave the subway over to Chelsea with the intention of just wandering along the highlines, on the reccomendation of my big sister. 

Lets start with a bit of history on what they are. We need to go back in time to the 1930s, to a busy bustling grimy New York City, where things were exciting and the American dream was at it's high. When the Meat Packing District packed meat, and they needed to form a way to transport their goods around the city. A way that took the trains off the street to form a safer district. For around 30 years the highlines tracks rose above the city, active and busy. Then with the rise of the trucking industry to transport goods nationally, the highline was eventually obselete. Untill the early 2000s, when it got transformed into the most beautiful public park 

It is a very different way to view the city, you're up high... but you aren't on the top of a sky scraper. You're down low, but you aren't about to be hit by a yellow taxi. You're in the city, yet the air is fresh. You look one way and you see old 1930s quirky buildings and statues, you look the other way and you're on the river and you look into the distance to see the high rise that New York is so famous for. It's a little slice of old and new and is worth the time and attention to go and visit. 

It isn't a long walk, but there is plenty to stop and look at, from plants built around the old tracks to pretty waterfalls and benches and bridges. It's incredible. For any photography enthusiast it is worth a visit and in my opinion it is more impressive than central park as it isn't QUITE so secluded. You know the city is thriving and aspiring around you, yet you're seperate from it. Amazing. 

And so concludes my adventures in New York. After a long bus trip home, Where Lucy made friends with the bus weirdo and I slept the whole way. It was an incredible trip to New York and definitely refreshed my system after a rubbish month. It's amazing what a holiday to the most interesting city in the world can do for the system!

I still have a couple more America posts to do, and with no essays due in for a another month I'll try to get those done this week! And then move onto what will probably be a very extensive amount of makeup posts. 

Love you all!

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