Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Are you... NAKED?

This is part one million of the America posts. Todays topic is Urban Decays Naked Palette. 

swatched straight on to skin without primer.
Swatched on top of Urban Decays primer (provided with palette)

It is quite an expensive product as the RRP being 35.00, as their single eyeshadows are 14 pounds... I feel that this is worth the high price tag as you get 12 shades as well as a travel sized bottle of primer and a shadow brush which retails at 14.50. 

The colours are well pigmented and really pop on top of primer, You don't need a lot which means they should also last a while. My favourite shade in the set is half baked (6th shade from the left) It is a beautiful warm golden shade and goes with the lighter shades like "virgin" (first shade on left) to create a pretty day look, or can be vamped up with "hustle" (third shade on right) to create a sultry look. 

Basically this is a palette which really should be in every girls drawer, there is a million different combinations and most of the shades can be worked together (although please dont shove them all on at once). For me, this is what I want as I tend to keep my eye makeup fairly neutral for work.. yet I don't like wearing the same shades every day! 

There is a combination of shimmery, glittery and matte shades which means you can easily create a neutral eye to suit your mood.

There is also a Naked2 palette which costs the same and comes with a lip gloss and double ended brush. I literally stood in Sephora for about ten minutes deciding between the two and only went for the Naked as it has a greater variety of darker shades. However Naked2 looks incredible too and it is on my "to buy" list. 

In other news, I got the job I was waiting on hearing back from last week! I am so exicted about it as it sounds so interesting. It is working in the University as an admin assistant, I start next wednesday!!! I need to buy some work clothes really soon.. any excuse to shop :) 



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  1. Yea- my closest friend has these- they are pricey, but they last and are so saturated! :) nice post

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