Monday, 7 May 2012


 So I finally bought a few items from the "MUA" range, which everyone seems to be going crazy about. I'm completely jumping on the IHEARTMUA bandwagon, it's incredible! Each item is only a pound, which is brilliant value for the very high quality off each product!

Lipstick in Shade 3. 

This lipstick lasts FOREVER. I applied it in the morning and by midday it was only just in need of a top up, and that was without lipcote on top! 
It's quite shiny, but it highly pigmented. 

 Eyeshadow in Shade 12- Pearl. 

The swatched sample is applied on top of Urban Decays eyeshadow primer in Sin. 

BUY THEIR EYESHADOW. It's a hell of a lot better than any mid range product i've tried and a rival for the high end products I crave. It applies on evenly and in a single coat. It has a nice metalic sheen, looking a little grey or brown in different lights. With a primer underneath it can look dramatic and intense or without, it can be part of a day to day smokey eye look. 

Head down to superdrug for this amazing range now! I'll sure be off to get a few more bits and bobs from them asap. 


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