Sunday, 6 May 2012

Charity starts by turning the work place into a beach.

To be specific, charities that are set up by the company that you work for...begin by turning your work place into a beach. Well not a beach. Hawaii. And not so much the work place, but the staff members.... into Hula girls, even the boys. So basically the title of this blog is a lie which doesn't feel like the best starting place for a charitable blog. 
Never the less it is for charity and it is for a worthy cause.

I work for Costa Coffee, It is neither a job that I like or a job that I even particularly WANT at times. However it is a job that pays actual money, not monopoly money... and unfortunately I have a serious shopping habit (Yes, yes, I know I was meant to stop shopping, but then things started to go wrong and I realised that actually spending the money that I earn on items that DO make me happy is not a bad thing!). 

However I guess I am the end of the chain for the employees of Costa Coffee, everything that all the employees higher than me (manager area manager, regional manager; higher level management, CEOs etc etc) and all the employees that work to get the products to my store... but are on the same slave wage as me (so delivery drivers, those who work in the factories etc etc) are all working to the same effect: To get money through the till, to line the pockets of the investors and to boost the profitibility of the brand. Thats it. All the raspberry and almond bakes, soya lattes and biscottis all go back to making a profit for the company big wigs. 

But when you stop and think about it, Costa is a coffee shop. The most important element of the shop in order to have any popularity.... It's the Mocha Italia blend that we are all so proud of. The beginning of the line and the first and foremost important members of the Costa family are those who live in the regions that grow our coffee. The people of Uganda, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and more. 

These areas are often stricken with poverty and poor living conditions. 

Costa obviously has realised the importance of these people and set up the COSTA FOUNDATION, which raises money and is used to build schools in the coffee growing areas. These schools are obviously important for the teaching of the children, they also provide teaching jobs and provide a safe and secure environment for the children to eat. Most importantly, by being in school these children are able to remain children for that little bit longer.

So today we donned our grass skirts and garlands and spent the day chatitng up the customers and making sure that they were all aware of the mighty charity which we are getting behind. Charity does begin at home, it begins in our hearts. I have no idea how much we managed to raise, but the bucket was looking pretty heafty by the end of the day....! THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE ROAD for our charity organisation though, for the next 9 weeks we will try and raise as much money as possible in order to do our bit. 

I'll make sure to keep you posted on how we do :) 


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