Monday, 28 May 2012

America post 1.

Hey everyone, 
I'm officially back from my favourite country in the world, well I have been since friday but I spend of fri and sat in bed, then yesterday catching up with a few friends. So.. Now it's your turn to have my attention :). 

I'm going to do this blog in a few posts, untill I get bored of talking about it I guess (NEVER muahaha) So this is post one of god knows how many and I'm going to take you to the beautiful city of NEW YORRRRRK.

Times Square
 I took these two photos on the same night, the first is quite obviously of times square and the second is just a standard street in Soho. I just wanted to demonstate how many different sides to New York there really are. You can go once and do the standard *timessquareempirestatecentralparkstatueoflibertystatenislandbroadway* combination that EVERY single tourist from around the world will also be doing, and feel like you have seen New York. You've seen like... 10 blocks. Most people won't have even braved the subway and will pay a rediculous amount to get you round these (absolutely gorgeous) landmarks. But trust me, there is so much more to see. This was my 4th time visiting, I still found a million things I hadn't seen and a million more that I want to. 

Times square is incredible, there is so much atmosphere at night. You can literally stand in the same spot all night and still be marvelled by the things you looked at. I was really excited to see Iron Man walking around, and tried to take a picture with him.... But he wanted $10. He didn't appreciate it when I reminded him that Tony Stark is infact a billionaire so shouldn't need my ten dollars. However some nice cops posed with my friend and didn't even want any  cash for the privelage!

Most New Yorkers are incredibly nice people, NOT assholes. So If you ever go, don't be intimidated to talk to anyone (especially if you're British- they adore our accents). A little charm definitely goes a long way... Which is how we ended up walking 50 blocks from the upper east side. With plenty of help from the natives we didn't even get lost. We got ourselves invited to a comedy club by a very gay scottish man. Aaaaaand we drank all our taxi money, But I cannot reccommend going for a midnight stroll around the city that never sleeps enough! It genuinely NEVER SLEEPS, it looks exactly the same as it does in the day, except with less business people and more tourists with cameras. All the shops are still open, people milling around everywhere. Incredible. (But please none of you wander over to central park- it is an incredible place during the day time but it is a dangerous place at night). 

And here is what I wore both evenings: 

And so this concludes my opinion on NYC at night. I have plenty more tales- I have a feeling this could go on forever. 

Untill next time :)

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